3Gstore is Now Selling the Tekkeon MP3450i R2 Battery Pack for Routers, iPad, Phones & More

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

3Gstore is Now Selling the Tekkeon MP3450i R2 Battery Pack for Routers, iPad, Phones & More

The new MP3450i R2 can power the iPad for up to 10 hours!

The original MP3450i was a very powerful solution that allowed mobile users to power their Cradlepoint routers on the go. While it was very popular thanks to its great battery life, the MP3450i's Achilles heel was its inability to provide power to USB-powered devices like phones, the MiFi, Overdrive, and iPad. Tekkeon realized that users wanted to be able to use the device with more devices and have now released the new MP3450i R2. This revision allows you to connect devices via USB port and power virtually any device such as your iPad, phones, and other portable media devices! You can even power a USB-powered device at the same time that you're using the main power supply for something else, like a Cradlepoint router (although you'll drain the battery faster powering multiple devices simultaneously).

So, how much extra time will the MP3450i R2 give your devices? 3Gstore has done extensive testing with the MP3450i R2 and the Apple iPad and determined that it can add as much as 10 additional hours to the iPad! We also found that it was able to charge the Sprint Overdrive from completely dead 7-8 times and the MiFi 2200 from completely dead up to 12 times (assuming you're not also charging a Cradlepoint router at the same time). Below are some estimates for other devices*:

  • CTR350, PHS300, CTR500 or CBA250: 16 hours
  • MBR1000, MBR1200, MBR900, CBA750, or KR2: 12 hours
  • Apple iPad: 10 hours
  • Sierra Overdrive: 15 hours
  • Novatel MiFi: 35 hours
  • PDAs/Smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry, etc): 16 hours
  • Cellphones: 70 hours (talk time)
  • Portable Media Players: 14 hours of video, 26 hours of audio
  • MP3 Players: 48 hours
  • Portable DVD Players: 7 hours
  • Camcorders: 4 hours
  • Laptops (except Mac): 4 hours

*actual time may vary. Always consult manual for voltage requirements.

If you are a power user and demand even more battery life, you can add the optional extended battery pack for the MP3450i R2 and DOUBLE the battery life!

So, what's the bottom line on the new MP3450i R2? Let's just say that the most powerful portable battery just got a lot more versatile! This is a must have item for users that need to power their Cradlepoint routers as well as other potable media devices, or iPad users who want to make sure they are never without power. While other stores are still selling the original MP3450i, all MP3450i's shipped by 3Gstore are the R2 version that includes the USB port! You can order the MP3450i R2 from 3Gstore at

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 June 2010 )
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