Sprint Changes Data Roaming Policy to 300MB/month for Mobile Broadband Users

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010
Sprint Changes Data Roaming Policy to 300MB/month for Mobile Broadband Users

With Sprint's new roaming policy, mobile broadband users in a roaming area (like the example above) can only use 300MB/month before incurring overage charges

The trend of cutting data usage allowances down on customers is slowly becoming the industry norm. Sprint data services used to be completely unlimited until Sprint placed a 5GB cap on "in network" usage and a 2.5GB cap on "off network" roaming (i.e. connecting to towers that Sprint does not own but has a roaming agreement with). If you thought that the 2.5GB roaming limit was bad enough, Sprint has announced that they will be further reducing their data roaming limit to only 300MB. This new change results in an 88% percent decrease in roaming allowances for customers. If you exceed the new roaming policy, Sprint will charge you 25 cents per MB after 300MB (or you can choose to have your data service suspended until the following month).

While any usage limitation is obviously unfortunate, this new policy will NOT effect most users. Only users who roam off-network frequently AND use a lot of data while roaming will notice a difference (and using a lot of data while roaming isn't easy anyway, considering you can't access the 3G network while roaming). If you're unsure whether the location you plan to use Sprint mobile broadband is considered a "roaming" area, you can look at Sprint's coverage maps at - if Sprint's map shows gray coverage at the address in question (see picture above for example), that would be considered roaming and the 300MB policy would be important!

You can discuss Sprints new roaming policy here - EVDOForums Discuss Sprint's new roaming policy

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