EVDOinfo Tip Of The Week #54: Changing the Maximum number of Allowed WiFi Connections on the HTC EVO

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Thursday, 17 June 2010

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Changing the Maximum number of Allowed WiFi Connections on the HTC EVO 4G

Last week we showed you how to set up the mobile hotspot feature of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G. This week we are going to show you how to change the maximum number of WiFi connections that are allowed simultaneously. By default, the EVO's hotspot feature is set up to only allow two WiFi devices to connect, but the hotspot feature will actually support up to 8 WiFi devices at a time. Here is how you can change the maximum allowed WiFi connections:

1. First, open the Sprint Hotspot application 

2. From the Sprint Hotspot application, choose "Manage Users" as shown below:

3. Next, you will need to select "Max Connections":

4. Finally, choose the maximum number of wireless devices that you want to be able to connect to the EVO 4G's hotspot at one time (up to 8):

That's it! As soon as you make your selection, your EVO's hotspot feature will allow up to that many devices to connect. If you're not sure how many connections to allow, keep in mind that the fewer devices you have connected, the better the performance will be - especially if you're on 3G (if you have 8 laptops connected to your hotspot while running 3G, you're all going to be fighting over the bandwidth and performance may seem a bit sluggish). If you have your hotspot set up as an OPEN network (meaning devices do not have to enter a password to connect - this is NOT recommended, but it is an option), you'll definitely want to keep the maximum number of connections as low as possible so you're not sharing the connection with anyone who happens to be within range of your hotspot.

If you need to allow MORE than 8 devices to connect, consider the Pepwave Surf Mini, which is a wireless bridge and WiFi repeater. The Pepwave Surf Mini connects to the EVO (via WiFi) and counts as one of the 8 users; it rebroadcasts the WiFi signal and you can then connect as many devices as you want to the Pepwave! In other words, if you wanted to share the connection from the EVO with 10 laptops, rather than having the laptops connect directly to the EVO's WiFi network, they would connect to the Pepwave (which is rebroadcasting the signal from the EVO). Since the laptops aren't connected to the EVO, the EVO doesn't count them towards the 8-user limit! Plus, the Pepwave will also extend the wireless range, and it also has an ethernet port, so you can connect devices that don't have wireless capabilities (desktop computers, DVRs, gaming consoles, etc).
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