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Monday, 21 June 2010

3Gstore Support CD 2.0

There are many reasons why people buy from 3Gstore - helpful pre-sales support, a great variety of products, competitive pricing - but the technical support that 3Gstore provides their customers is what really makes 3Gstore stand out. While many of our competitors claim they offer tech support, when you call them, they will forward you to the manufacturer for support (which, depending on the manufacturer, can be a nightmare!); others offer support but from inexperienced or poorly-trained reps who have never even used the products they're supporting. 3Gstore provides top-of-the-line tech support from our own 3G experts who use the equipment we sell on a daily basis. Our techs are able to troubleshoot issues and resolve the problem from experience, not by reading from a script!

In addition to the support we offer over the phone or email, the mobile broadband experts at 3Gstore have put together a valuable resource that makes setting up your equipment a breeze and helps you get the most out of your 3G products and service. 3Gstore's exclusive Support CD was created by 3Gstore's technical support team and provides step-by-step guides for setting up your new router, upgrading the firmware, documentation and manuals for the router, and more! The Support CD is included FREE when you order Cradlepoint routers, the Pepwave Surf Mini, and IP Switch from 3Gstore and is automatically added to your cart when you place your order. The Support CD includes many valuable resources, including:
  • Step-by-Step walkthrough guides on:
    • How to set up your router
    • How to set up wireless security
    • How to perform a firmware upgrade
    • How to add 4G support to your router
    • How to perform a signal strength site survey
    • How to connect your antenna, including antenna port locations for every device
    • How to set up amplifiers and wireless repeaters
    • How to set up Load Balancing & Failover mode
    • How to set up port forwarding
    • How to set up OpenDNS to speed up web-browsing
  •'s custom tipsheets:
    • EVDO Gaming Guide - How to configure and optimize your Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii for online gaming with your router
    • WDS Configuration Guide - How to setup WDS to extend WiFi range using a second router that supports WDS
    • Cascading Routers Guide - Connect your mobile broadband router to your existing network or to another router
    • Cascading Apple Airport Extreme Guide - Configuring your mobile broadband router to connect to your Apple Airport Extreme or Time Capsule
    • IP Camera Configuration - How to configure your network camera to be accessible remotely when connected to a mobile broadband router
    • Dynamic DNS Setup - How to setup a hostname that always points to your routers current public IP address to easily access network services remotely
    • GMail Tipsheet - Provides detailed instructions on how to configure almost any email client to use GMail [Windows & Mac]
    • GPS Guide - How to setup GPS location services for your mobile broadband router [Requires a GPS supported device]
    • MBR1200 VPN Guide - Configuring the MBR1200 for site-to-site VPN connections.
    • Exclusive Solutions - We also include several tip sheets that provide solutions for issues that mobile broadband users may experience, such as preventing the aircard from disconnecting automatically.
    • Product Specific Tip Sheets - Provides general setup information on each product and a brief overview of features, configuration options, etc.
  • Manufacturer's documentation & manuals for our products
  • Support files & tools that 3Gstore tech support can utilize to quickly resolve an issue

3Gstore Support CD Router Menu

Step-By-Step Setup Wizard on setting up your router

Step-By-Step Instructions on changing WiFi Settings

You won't find these guides or our support tools anywhere else! All of these guides and support tools were created by 3Gstore to provide our customers with the best mobile broadband experience. 3Gstore only provides these valuable tools to their customers for free. We have received countless emails from people that purchased elsewhere requesting to purchase our tip sheets to help them solve an issue that had caused them a lot of frustration and wasted time. With the horror stories we've heard of people purchasing from a company that didn't provide any help when they had a problem, it's a no-brainer that 3Gstore is the place to go for all of your mobile broadband needs!

Mac users, you're not left out! 3Gstore has supported Mac OS X since 2004 (long before the manufacturers and service providers were providing any kind of Mac support), and we've helped thousands of Mac users get mobile broadband service set up. Since we are the Mac EVDO Experts, we designed our support CD to be compatible with both Windows & Mac OS X operating systems. In fact, each time we update the support CD, we test every aspect of the CD very thoroughly on both Windows & Macs to ensure that everything works properly on both operating systems.

Below are just a few comments we've received from customers who've been helped by our Support CD (read more customer testimonials here):

"The order for router I purchased was made very easy by the salesperson who helped me. All of my questions and concerns we answered and addressed to my satisfaction. The CD that comes with the router proved to be very helpful in setting up the router, which is now up and running very smoothly. It was a pleasure to buy another product through your store."

"I just received my MBR1000 with the 3G Store Custom CD. This router is sweet and you simply cannot beat the price considering 3gstore tech support is included should you need it. I had to setup Port Forwarding and some wireless security. It is doing what I want and it has a very easy to use interface with a built in help menu. Don't try to save money by purchasing anything less. Do what I did and saved up until you can afford the best." 

"Tech support is fantastic. Everything they told me shipped and worked exactly as explained."

"Great! I recieved my router in perfect condition. Loved their installation cd. It helped me setup all my gaming systems."

"They went out of their way to ensure I had a new CD since mine was scratched and it took a while, but they were patient with me and really cared that I got things set in motion & working well. I'd highly recommend them, I've even told my parents about them and how they even helped me with my rebate since my delivery was delayed with the CD, I couldn't install my device by the 1st & they contacted CradlePoint for me. Good Guys A++"

"Fast shipping, excellent communication and "idiot proof" set-up instructions via CD."
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Special Thanks to 3Gstore employee Ed for working very hard on this release of the support CD!

The support CD is available for free for 3Gstore customers. If you purchased a product elsewhere and would like to purchase the support CD, it is available for $69.99 along with one year of 3Gstore support!

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