Sprint 3G/4G Service for $49.99/mo with Simply Everything

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Monday, 28 June 2010

Get Unlimited 4G and 5GB/mo 3G for $49.99/mo - Ends 7/10

Sprint has been known for offering excellent deals for all of your wireless needs. A new promo is now in effect that allows Sprint customers whose cell phones are on the "Simply Everything" or "Everything Business" plans to get a $10/month discount on their 3G/4G mobile broadband plans. If you have a cell phone with the Simply Everything or Everything Business plan, you'll only need to pay $49.99/mo for 3G/4G service instead of the standard $59.99/mo. For mobile broadband users, this is "simply" a deal that they can't afford to pass on!  This includes UNLIMITED 4G data and 5GB/mo 3G data.

There are a few requirements that customers must meet to get the discounted service:
  • You need to have a cell phone on the "Simply Everything" or "Everything Business" plan to receive the discounted 3G/4G service rate.
  • This promo special is only for 3G/4G devices (Overdrive or U301) - NOT for 3G ONLY devices.  
  • This promo follows a one-to-one ratio - you have to have one cell phone on the Simply Everything or Everything Business plan for each 3G/4G device that you want to have on the $49.99/month plan (in other words, you can't have one cell phone on the Simply Everything plan and get three 3G/4G devices at $49.99/month each - only one of them would qualify for the promo rate and the other two would be regular price).
  • You must sign up by 7/10/10!

If you're interested in this new Simply Everything Promo, don't hesitate - the promo ENDS 7/10/10. You MUST sign up for your 3G/4G service by 7/10/10 to qualify for the special $49.99/month rate! 

You can use the following links to order your 3G/4G device from 3Gstore:
Sprint Overdrive
Franklin U301

Last Updated ( Monday, 28 June 2010 )
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