Apple iPhone 4 + Wilson iBooster Not a Good Match - Use Sleek Instead!

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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

iPhone 4 + Wilson iBooster Not a Good Match - Use Sleek!

The new Apple iPhone 4 has a number of different features than its predecessors - dual cameras, support for FaceTime video chat, multitasking, etc - but it's also a slightly different shape and the connector at the bottom is not in exactly the same spot as it was on the 3G/3GS. This means that accessories that were designed specifically for the exact shape of the iPhone 3G may not work with the new iPhone 4.

Unfortunately, this includes the Wilson iBooster, the all-in-one cradle amplifier for the iPhone 3G. The iBooster allows the iPhone 3G or 3GS to fit securely in a cradle, snapping right into the connector at the bottom of the phone. The cradle (which has an amplifier built in) boosts the signal to the phone, and it's also able to charge the phone since it's making a physical connection via the connector at the bottom of the phone. The iPhone 4 is a slightly different shape, and does NOT fit properly in the iBooster. According to Wilson Electronics, the manufacturer of the iBooster, part of the casing on the iBooster can be removed to allow the iPhone 4 to fit better, but this part of the equipment is VERY difficult to remove (see the video below) - and even when we removed it, the iPhone 4 still didn't fit quite right. The iPhone 4 ended up getting scratched up on the bottom, and it couldn't quite stay connected to the connector for charging.

If you need to boost the signal to your iPhone 4 (and since they're locked to AT&T, many users do!!), we do NOT recommend using the iBooster. Instead, we recommend the Wilson Sleek, which is a similar product but can boost the signal to ANY phone. Like the iBooster, the Sleek is an all-in-one kit that includes a magnetic mount antenna, USB power supply, and cradle/amplifier, but the Sleek's cradle has adjustable arms to fit just about ANY phone (including the iPhone 4). The only thing the Sleek doesn't do that the iBooster does is charge your phone while it's boosting the signal - but luckily, the Sleek does not block the connector on the bottom of the iPhone 4, so you could still connect your own charger if you needed to be charging the iPhone 4 while it's in the cradle.

Check out our video showing why the iBooster should NOT be used with the iPhone 4:


Here's a video demonstrating the Sleek with the iPhone 4:

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