Tip of the week #57: Share Your Printer with Multiple Computers via a Cradlepoint Router

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Share Your Printer with Multiple Computers via a Cradlepoint Router

While many customers are aware that Cradlepoint routers allow you to share your 3G or 4G mobile broadband connection with multiple computers, some are not aware that you can also configure a Cradlepoint router to allow you to share a printer with all of your computers, too! We get a lot of questions from customers asking if they can set up their router for printing over a network. In most cases (depending on the printer), the answer is YES, you can configure your Cradlepoint router to share printer functions over multiple computers. Instead of connecting your printer just to one computer and only being able to print from that computer, it is possible to give all of the computers on your network access to that printer!

If you're a Cradlepoint router user and want to share your printer with multiple computers, there are a couple of options:

1) The simplest way is to use a network printer with WiFi or Ethernet capabilities built in. These printers will allow you to configure your Cradlepoint router to communicate and print over multiple computers. The settings and set-up will vary depending on the printer, but it is typically fairly straightforward.

2) If you have a printer that isn't Ethernet or WiFi capable but does have a USB connection, you're not out of luck! You can purchase a print server, which will allow you to convert your printer to wireless. This option can be convenient for users that have higher end older printers that were designed before WiFi or Ethernet printer integration was popular. Again, the set-up will vary depending on your printer and print server.

It's important to note that while 3Gstore happily provides technical support for all products purchased through us, it's not possible for us to provide complete support when it comes to setting up a printer with your router (simply because of the vast differences between the many printers and print servers on the market). Always refer to your printer's or print server's manual for specific setup instructions for your particular equipment.

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