AT&T Launches Wi-Fi Hotzone in Chicago to Reduce Traffic on 3G Network

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Friday, 06 August 2010

AT&T Launches Wi-Fi Hotzone in Chicago to Reduce Traffic on 3G Network

AT&T WiFi zones allow iPhone/iPad users to surf on WiFi instead of AT&T's congested 3G network

AT&T has undergone heavy scrutiny for the state of their 3G network and availability throughout the country. In an apparent effort to reduce congestion on their overloaded network, they've announced that they'll be adding Wi-Fi hotzone's throughout Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. Dave Fine, vice president and general manager of AT&T in Illinois said, "The Chicago AT&T Wi-Fi hotzone is the third to be deployed as part of a pilot project to examine using Wi-Fi to supplement AT&T’s mobile broadband coverage in areas with consistently high 3G traffic and mobile data use". The goal is to help reduce the load on their cellular towers to hopefully improve the service for users. It's a nice gesture on their part; however, we'd like to see them take the initiative to actually upgrade their network like Sprint and Verizon have been doing so that they can support more users, rather than simply trying to get traffic off of their network.

It seems AT&T wants to take the easy way out by utilizing these free hot-spots vs actual network upgrades. For users that are fed up with AT&T's lackluster network, there are several alternatives available to get data to your iPhone, iPad, or other WiFi-capable devices. Why pay a fee to use AT&T's sub-par service on ONE device when other options are available to provide wireless connectivity to all of you WiFi-capable devices? Some of these alternative solutions include the Sprint Overdrive, HTC EVO 3G/4G, MiFi2200, CLEAR iSpot and a variety of Cradlepoint routers - read our article about mobile WiFi for the iPad for more ideas!

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