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Wednesday, 25 August 2010
Virgin Mobile has announced that their unlimited pre-paid mobile broadband “BroadBand2Go” service is now available, and we at are very excited to see how other providers react to this bold move. Competition is a GREAT thing, and a move like Virgin’s could spur other companies to change their offerings, too - time will tell! In celebration of Virgin Mobile’s new lower-priced service, is proud to announce a series of accessories that help you get more out of your Broadband2Go service!

Broadband2Go MiFi 2200 Hotspot

Your MiFi service is now unlimited, but how long will your battery last? The standard Novatel MiFI battery provides 1150mAh, but 3Gstore’s upcoming MiFi Extended battery is 3600 mAh - meaning it lasts up to three times longer. So, if you’re currently getting 3-4 hours of usage with your MiFi, the extended battery would let you surf the web for up 12 hours! The extended battery launches 8/31/10 and is available for pre-order at 3Gstore now for $89.99 (regular price will be $99.99), and includes a custom battery door to accommodate the larger size. Read more or order at

The extended battery includes a custom battery door to accommodate the larger size

If you want even MORE battery life, you might want to consider an external battery like the MP1800. The compact MP1800 is tiny and lightweight (4.5oz) and can power and charge your MiFi via USB, adding up to 10 hours of usage time!

If you want to have a backup battery charged up and ready to go but don’t want to increase the size of your MiFi with the extended battery or use an external battery, we also have standard replacement MiFi batteries for just $39.99.

As all mobile broadband users know, signal strength is key for good performance. If your Broadband2Go MiFi isn’t getting a strong enough signal, 3Gstore also offers a varierty of products that improve your MiFi’s signal - even though the MiFi doesn’t have an antenna port, there are still plenty of options to improve the signal! The Wilson Sleek amplifier kit includes a combination amplifier and cradle that holds the MiFi, a magnetic mount antenna, and USB power charger - everything you need to boost your MiFi’s signal on the go, for just $109.95! Other options are available, too - check out our Tip of the Week on boosting the MiFi’s signal for more ideas.

left to right: the Sleek includes a cradle/amplifier, mag mount antenna, DC power supply, and USB cable - everything you need to boost the signal to your MiFi!

Other accessories for the Broadband2Go MiFi available from 3Gstore include the Pepwave Surf Mini, which allows you to extend your wireless range and add ethernet capability, charging cables, and more! Check out the full list of Broadband2Go MiFi accessories at 3Gstore.

Broadband2Go MC760 USB Modem

Your MC760 USB “stick” is a great device, but it can perform even better with the following accessories:

Want to share the connection from your MC760 with multiple computers? The answer is a CradlePoint Router. A CradlePoint Router will convert your Broadband2Go signal into a WiFi hotspot, so multiple devices (computers, iPod, gaming devices, or anything with WiFi), can share your single Broadband2Go connection! There are a variety of routers compatible with the MC760 to fit the needs of all kinds of users:

  • CTR350: a simple portable router that provides a WiFi range of up to 100 feet, as well as one ethernet port for wired connections. The simplest and most affordable way to share your Broadband2Go connection.
  • PHS300: super portable, and includes a built-in battery that lasts 2-4 hours.
  • CTR500: very compact like the CTR350 and PHS300, but also features an ExpressCard port (in case you ever switch aircard formats); also has a WiFi antenna port in case you need more wireless range.
  • MBR900: a great “entry level” small home/office router with a powerful “wireless N” WiFi radio and 4 ethernet ports for wired connections.
  • MBR1000: a powerful home/office router with “wireless N” WiFi, 4 ethernet ports, 2 USB ports and an ExpressCard port for flexibility and load balancing.
  • MBR1200: features support for up to 5 aircards, has a “wireless N” WiFi radio as well as the option to add WiFi antennas for even more range, and supports advanced VPN functionality.

a router like the MBR900 allows you to share your Broadband2Go connection with multiple computers/devices!

If you are in a signal-challenged area or you are traveling with your MC760 and you want to make sure you’re always getting the best possible signal, 3Gstore has a wide variety of Broadband2Go Antennas available to improve your signal and performance. Whether you’re looking for something portable and compact like the classic Booster Antenna for Broadband2Go or a powerful external antenna to mount on your home like the 18” Building Mount Omni for Broadband2Go , we have you covered. If you’re not sure if you need an antenna for your MC760, we recommend reading through our “Will an Antenna Help Me?” article to help you determine what you need!

Virgin Mobile’s new unlimited Broadband2Go option is surely going to be a hit with many customers, and 3Gstore is here to help you get the most out of what you’re paying for!

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