Sprint Epic 4G Compatible with Cradlepoint Routers

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sprint Epic 4G Compatible with Cradlepoint Routers

Epic 4G connected to the Cradlepoint MBR1200

If you own an Epic 4G, you're probably familiar with its mobile hotspot feature, which allows you to connect up to five devices via WiFi to share the phone's internet connection. This is a very convenient feature, but what if you want to extend the WiFi range, share the connection with more than 5 devices, or connect a device that doesn't have WiFi capabilities (like a desktop computer, gaming system, TiVO, etc)?

While there aren't any mobile broadband routers that are officially compatible with the Epic 4G, in our testing the Epic connected successfully with the following routers (NOTE: some Epic users who have upgraded their phones to Android OS 2.2 have reported that their phone no longer works with the routers! You should only buy a router for your Epic if you have NOT upgraded to 2.2):

Cradlepoint MBR900 with firmware version 1.7.2
Cradlepoint MBR1000 with firmware version 1.7.2
Cradlepoint MBR1200 with firmware version 1.7.2
Cradlepoint CTR500 with firmware version 1.7.2
Cradlepoint CTR350 (3G only) with firmware version 2.5.4
Cradlepoint PHS300 with firmware version 2.5.4

NOTE: Your Epic 4G must have the mobile hotspot feature ($29.99/mo) active in order to work with a router! Additionally, please note that when your Epic 4G is in USB tethering mode, you won't be able to use any other data services on your phone. You can still receive phone calls when connected via 3G, but data transfers will be temporarily paused when receiving or placing any voice calls. Simultaneous data & voice can only be used when in a 4G coverage area. Keep in mind that the mobile hotspot feature also gives you UNLIMITED DATA USAGE on both 3G & 4G networks.

Because the Epic isn't officially supported by Cradlepoint, we cannot guarantee compatibility, nor can we provide full technical support for a router used with an unsupported device (and Cradlepoint will not provide technical support for unsupported devices). However, 3Gstore does offer a 14-day return policy on Cradlepoint routers and if you are unable to tether your phone successfully you can return the router for a full refund (less shipping).

In our testing, we needed to upgrade our Cradlepoint routers to the latest firmware version before the Epic would connect. If you are buying your router from 3Gstore, we can perform the necessary firmware upgrade before shipping for an additional $15 so that it is ready to go out of the box when you receive it - simply select the firmware upgrade option on the router's product page before adding it to your cart. If you prefer, you can perform the firmware upgrade yourself after you receive the router, using 3Gstore's exclusive mobile broadband support CD (included free with every Cradlepoint router from 3Gstore!).

Epic 4G connected to the Cradlepoint MBR1000

Interested in a router for your Epic but not sure which one is right for you? For most users, the MBR1000 (shown with the Epic above) is a great choice - it provides excellent WiFi range (up to 150 feet indoors) as well as 4 ethernet ports for wired connections. If you're not sure which router is going to meet your specific needs the best, check out our guide: Which 3G/4G Mobile Broadband Router Is Best For Me?

In addition to improving WiFi range and providing ethernet ports, using a router with your Epic can also be a BIG help with online gaming. If you're using your Epic 4G for online gaming, you have probably already realized that your experience isn't quite what you'd hoped it be. This may be caused by blocked ports that the hotspot feature won't allow you to un-block and forward to your gaming console. Since the Epic 4G acts as a USB modem when connected to a Cradlepoint router, you can un-block the neccesary ports to optimize your online gaming experience! 3Gstore even includes our EVDO Gaming Guide on the support CD that's included with all of our Cradlepoint routers to help you get set up.

Save $20 off any Cradlepoint router when purchased with the Samsung Epic 4G!
All customers who purchase the Epic with new 2-year Sprint service (or eligible upgrade) from 3Gstore can receive an instant $20 discount off any Cradlepoint router! Plus, we will automatically upgrade your firmware to the latest version before shipping for FREE (regular price $15).

Last Updated ( Thursday, 31 March 2011 )
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