Apple iPhone Coming To Sprint instead of Verizon?

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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Apple iPhone Coming To Sprint instead of Verizon?

According to ZDNet, Apple is reportedly making CDMA-capable iPhones that could end up on the Sprint network. Research notes from Jeffrey Fidacaro of the Susquehanna Financial Group said, "In line with expectations for an early CY11 launch of a CDMA iPhone, our checks indicate that 1QFY11 (December) CDMA iPhone production estimates are currently at 3 mln (unchanged from last month), putting total iPhone production (3 GS, iPhone 4, CDMA iPhone) at 21 mln-22 mln (up 5% from 20 mln-21 mln units previously). The slight increase is indicative of continued demand for iPhone 4 and increased distribution". Both Verizon and Sprint use CDMA technology (AT&T uses GSM), so the fact that Apple is working with CDMA at all certainly adds to the speculation that the iPhone is going to turn up from one of those two providers at some point.

There has been speculation about the iPhone heading to Verizon since it's inception, however, we haven't seen much mention of Sprint until now. This theory is more feasible as Sprint tends to be more open with their network and isn't as proprietary as Verizon with their phone offerings. Also, since Sprint already has 4G WiMAX implemented in 53 markets, it wouldn't be to far-fetched to even see a hybrid 3G/4G capable device. This would remove the main complaint that iPhone speculators state about CDMA - the fact that CDMA can't do voice and data at the same time. However, WiMAX fully supports both simultaneous voice/data which would keep Apple's iPhone feature set intact. 

What do you think? Would you rather see a Sprint iPhone or a Verizon iPhone (or are you happy with the current state of affairs, with AT&T being the only carrier available for iPhone users?) Discuss the CDMA iPhone on the EVDO Forums.

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