I Love My Sprint HTC EVO 4G

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Thursday, 07 October 2010

I Love My... by
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I Love My Sprint HTC EVO

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Recently my husband has been taking classes to get his masters degree. He is almost done and I decided it’s time for him to get a “big kid phone”, aka a PDA. Since Chicago now has Sprint 4G service, we decided to get the new 3G/4G EVO phone. We bought the phone just at the right time - right before our first family vacation. We have a two year old son and this phone was a life saver. Here are just a few reasons why I love this phone:

The trip to California is a four hour flight, so before leaving I searched for apps my son could play with while on the plane. I found tons of kid-friendly apps: Mickey Mouse, zoo animals, ABC’s, Numbers, and the list goes on. The EVO kept him occupied for a good 2 hours (of course not consecutive, but he played with it on and off).

Once we landed we were headed to the San Diego Zoo. Why use a map from the rental place, when the EVO has a navigation application? I didn’t even need to type an address, all I said was San Diego Zoo. With that same application I was able to find a McDonalds for my son. He was starving and we needed something quick. Later in the week, my husband wanted to find an In N Out, because everyone told us we had to eat there while in California, and the app found it for us right away. We used this application every day on our trip and still do when we go to other locations in Chicago.

During our vacation we went to Disneyland. My son wanted to share this experience with his little cousin back in Chicago. We used an application called “Tango” to let the kids have a 2-way video chat (my brother has an iPhone). Unlike the iPhone, we didn’t even have to be connected to WiFi to use the video chat app - we were able to do it over 3G!

I love taking pictures of my little guy and sending them to family and friends and posting them on Facebook. The camera is great on the EVO - there are actually two cameras, including one that’s 8.0 megapixels. It takes pictures quickly, and the huge screen is great for viewing them.

We are so glad we bought the EVO when we did. It helped make our family vacation a hit, without added stress... and of course we’re still loving it at home in Chicago (especially because there’s 4G here!). Order your EVO from 3Gstore (and you'll also receive free accessories!), because just like Maureen’s Sleek, you’re not getting mine!
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