AT&T Users Anxious To Switch To Verizon For iPhone Even Without Simultaneous Voice + Data

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

AT&T Users Anxious To Switch To Verizon For iPhone Even Without Simultaneous Voice + Data

It's certainly no secret that the majority of AT&T iPhone customers aren't happy with their service. This can typically be attributed to their lack of 3G coverage and the poor performance (dropped calls, slow speeds) in areas where 3G is available, thanks to overload on the towers. The persistent rumors that Apple is designing a CDMA-capable iPhone have helped reinforce the idea that the iPhone may very well be coming to Verizon or even Sprint, since they both operate on the CDMA network, and many dissatisfied AT&T iPhone users are excited to have the option to move to a new carrier without having to stop using an iPhone. According to surveys through The Wall Street Journal, 23% of AT&T users would jump ship if Verizon got the iPhone.

If the iPhone were to be available from Verizon, there would be one difference between the functionality of the AT&T iPhone and a Verizon iPhone: the ability to talk and surf the web at the same time. The technology that Verizon uses for their network, CDMA, is not capable of this, but the UMTS technology that AT&T uses does allow for this functionality. AT&T has made a big deal about this in their commercials, but whether it really matters to most users remains to be seen. Further, simultaneous voice and data use is only possible on AT&T's 3G network - it doesn't work on their 2G Edge network. Since AT&T's 3G network isn't available in much of the country anyway, many iPhone users already don't have the ability to talk and surf on the web, so a switch to Verizon wouldn't change anything in that regard for those users.

Verizon acknowledges that the inability to talk and use data services simultaneously is a bummer for some users, and in fact are even working to add that functionality. Verizon executive Brian Higgins wouldn't say when this functionality would be available, but said "I think there are fringe cases where something like that could be important." However, he went on to say that "for a vast majority of customers, I don't think it's a terribly important use case."

What do you think? If you're an iPhone user now, how often do you talk on your phone and use the internet at the same time? Would the inability for a Verizon iPhone to be able to do that be a dealbreaker for you? Discuss the potential Verizon iPhone on the EVDO Forums.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 October 2010 )
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