Verizon Will Sell iPad & MiFi Bundles with Special Plans

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Friday, 15 October 2010


Verizon iPad


Starting October 28th, Verizon Wireless will be selling an Apple iPad bundle that includes the WiFi-only version of the iPad and MiFi 2200 mobile hotspot that doesn't require a 2 year commitment. They will offer three different month-to-month plans for MiFi's that are purchased in this bundle. They will offer $20 for 1GB ($20/1GB overage), $35 for 3GB ($10/1GB overage) or $50 for 5GB ($10/ 1GB overage). For users who already own an iPad and/or MiFi, you're out of luck as you have to purchase both of these items together directly from Verizon in order to qualify for these special plans. Verizon has clearly stated that existing MiFi owners wouldn't be eligible for these special plans unless they purchased both an iPad AND another MiFI together at the same time.

Verizon will offer the following iPad/MiFi bundles:

16GB iPad + MiFi =  $629.99

32GB iPad + MiFi = $729.99

64GB iPad + MiFi = $829.99

While this is very frustrating to many of us who are early adopters that bought our iPad's and MiFi's long ago when they were first launched, we are very curious as to where this is leading. Is this just the beginning of a partnership between Apple & Verizon Wireless that will lead to a Verizon iPhone that countless rumors have speculated since the original iPhone.? Only time will tell, but this certainly adds a lot of weight to the latest Verizon iPhone rumors that have been circulating.

Users purchasing one of these bundles will quickly realize that the iPad battery far exceeds the battery life of the MiFi 2200. The iPad battery lasts about 10-11 hours on averag, while the MiFi 2200 battery only lasts 3-4 hours. For users who are constantly on the go this creates a problem since they won't be able to stay connected throughout the entire day. has a solution for users who need more than 3-4 hours of battery life from their MiFi 2200. Their MiFi 2200 Extended Life Battery provides up to 12 hours of constant use, which makes it a must have for any mobile professional or frequent traveler!

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