Tip of the Week #72: Configure Pantech UML290 for 3G Use (eHRDP Fix)

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Saturday, 01 January 2011

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Configuring Pantech UML290 for 3G Use (eHRDP Fix)

UPDATE 3/3/11: If you are using the UML290 in the CTR500, MBR900, MBR1000, MBR1200, MBR800, CBA250, or CBA750 routers running firmware 1.8.1, you do NOT need to perform this fix. If you previously performed this fix and have since upgraded to firmware 1.8.1, read tip #73 for instructions on reversing this.

If you are using the UML290 with a Cradlepoint CTR35 or Nexaira BC2, you DO need to do this!

Early in December Verizon officially launched their VZ4G LTE network in 38 markets and two LTE-capable modems, the LG VL600 and Pantech UML290. These devices provided incredible speeds rivaling dedicated cable connections, however, neither of these devices were supported by Cradlepoint or Nexaira routers. Within two weeks Nexaira was first out of the gate with support for the Pantech UML290 on the Nexaira BC2, and Cradlepoint recently released a beta firmware for the MBR1200, MBR1000, CTR500, CBA750 CBA250 and CTR35 models that supported the UML290 as well. However, customers quickly found that the UML290 did not work in 3G mode in any of the routers, even with the appropriate firmware.

The reason the UML290 wasn't working in 3G mode was due to a new network protocol that Verizon is using for their 4G LTE network called eHRPD, which doesn't use the standard HRPD (High Rate Packet Data) protocol used by their 3G network. Since discovering the issue, 3Gstore has been working hard with engineers to find a solution so that the UML290 can be used seamlessly in 3G and 4G areas in a supported router. Luckily, we have found a fix! In order to get the Pantech UML290 to work in 3G mode in the Nexaira BC2 or supported Cradlepoint router, users must change the network protocol from eHRPD to HRPD using the Pantech Modem Utility software (using the well-known HDR lock found in VZAccess Manager does not solve the problem, because that method allows the device to continue using the eHRPD protocol). 

Please note that this fix will lock your modem to 3G mode - if/when you want to use the UML290 in a 4G area, you will have to reverse the steps to lock it back to LTE mode or auto.

How to configure your Pantech UML290 for 3G use:

Step 1: Download the Pantech Modem Utility by following the instructions at this link: Click to download Pantech Modem Utility (WINDOWS ONLY)

Step 2: Install the Pantech Modem Configuration Tool on a Windows computer

Step 3: With your UML290 inserted into your computer but NOT connected to the network, launch the Pantech Modem Application

Step 4: Click the "read" button - this will read the current settings of your Pantech UML290.

Step 5*: Under "Pref_mode", check the "CDMA/HDR Only" option. In the "HDR Service Configuration" section, check the "Rev A" option. Your settings should look like the below sample:

Pantech UML290 Prefer Mode Tool Version

*For 4G LTE ONLY use, select 'LTE Only' for the 'Pref_mode', and select 'eHRPD' for the 'HDR Service Configuration'

Step 6: Click on the "Write" button to save the settings.

Once the "write" is complete, you can remove the modem from your computer and use it in your BC2 or Cradlepoint router (if you're using a Cradlepoint router, make sure you have the beta firmware installed). Your UML290 will now work in 3G mode!

This fix will also work for users looking to use their device for remote based applications because it assigns a public facing IP address (3G ONLY). With eHRPD you're assigned a private IP in either 3G or 4G mode, which has prevents UML290 users from accessing remote applications.

IMPORTANT: Remember that the above steps locks your modem to 3G mode. When you are ready to use the modem in auto mode, follow the same steps but select the "CDMA/HDR/LTE only" and "eHRPD" options instead.

Disclaimer: does not provide technical support for this fix or other "beta" configurations, installations, etc. Please complete these steps at your own risk!

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