Verizon iPhone4 Battery, Simultaneous Voice/Data Not Supported

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Apple & Verizon Wireless Announce the iPhone4 - Possible Issues


Today, Verizon Wireless and Apple Computer announced the iPhone4 which will be available in early February 2011.  The iPhone4 for Verizon is identical to the iPhone4 for AT&T, except it is compatible with Verizon's cellular network, which runs CDMA.  AT&T runs a technology called GSM, which is used mostly outside the USA.  This is great news for Verizon customers and for iPhone customers who now have a choice of network carriers in the US.

There are two issues that potential customers need to be aware of before jumping onto Verizon with an iPhone4.

Battery Life on CDMA vs. GSM

Typically CDMA phones require more power then their GSM counterparts.  So, identical devices, except one has a CDMA radio vs GSM, the GSM should last longer under identical use.  Time will tell, if Apple has done any tweaking to conserve the battery

Simultaneous Voice + Data - Not Available on CDMA

Another potential issue is that on GSM networks, voice and data can be used at the same time.  This means, while you are on a phone call, you can alsoo be surfing the web.  On CDMA networks, if you are on the phone, you cannot be accessing data at the same time.  If you are near a WiFi network - you may be able to get around this by having your voice on CDMA and your data via WiFi. Since Verizon has announced that the iPhone can be used as a Mobile hotspot for up to 5 users (kind of like a MiFi), what happens when you get a phone call?  Typically, your hotspot stops working.  Could be a problem for many users.  Verizon and Apple had the option to support SVDO , which would allow sumultaneous voice/data, but that wasn't not included.  Looks like Verizon customers will have to wait for the iPhone5 which will probably support LTE (which supports simultaneous voice + data)


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