3Gstore's "Support Lifeline" Gives Hope to Frustrated Users Who Purchased Elsewhere

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Monday, 17 January 2011

3Gstore's "Support Lifeline" Gives Hope to Frustrated Users Who Purchased Elsewhere

3Gstore support lifeline
3Gstore's expert tech support has long been one of the most popular reasons to shop with us: our team has the experience and skills to help our customers with just about any issue, and we provide technical support to our customers for FREE. Whether you need a little help getting set up or major support to solve a complicated issue, our team (who live right here in the U.S. and are available via phone and email Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm CST) is here to help - at NO charge to our customers. Many other retailers don't offer support at all (or offer "support" so weak it can't solve complicated problems) and some manufacturers even charge for phone support!

3Gstore often receives support requests from desperate users who heard about our excellent support but purchased their equipment elsewhere and are "stuck" - either they can't get support from where they purchased it or the support they received was insufficient to resolve their issue. We understandably can't typically provide free support to non-customers (that would be unfair to the customers who do purchase from us; we need to keep our lines open to assist them), but we certainly sympathize with these frustrated users!

In order to help out members of the mobile broadband community who are at their wits end with their equipment and haven't been able to get help from the manufacturer or store they purchased from, 3Gstore is launching a new program called Support Lifeline, which allows users who did NOT purchase their equipment at 3Gstore to request support from the 3Gstore technicians. Each month, our support team will choose one user and extend a "lifeline" to them by providing them with the same expert technical support we offer our customers.

If you need technical support for mobile broadband equipment you purchased elsewhere, fill out our Support Lifeline form with your information and the details of your problem, and we will review your request!

*3Gstore's Support Lifeline is not available for customers needing support for products not sold by 3Gstore

Request a Support Lifeline from 3Gstore

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