FCC to Rule on Signal Boosters - Consumers Going to Win - FCC-11-53A1

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Wednesday, 06 April 2011

FCC to Rule on Signal Boosters - Consumers Going to Win (FCC-11-53A1)

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There has been a lot of discussion over the past few years about Signal Boosters, Carriers and the FCC.   The carriers (and CTIA) don't like them, because some can cause interference on their networks and impact customers from getting signal.  Manufacturers and consumers have indicated they need these in rural and frince areas to make cellular work at all.  It looks like the FCC will favor towards consumers, see the comment below and feel free to dowload the 55 page PDF.



This Notice of Proposed Rulemaking takes a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to promoting the development and deployment of properly designed and installed signal boosters. These devices have demonstrated they can help address the coverage gaps that exist within the wireless service areas in both rural and urban environments. With regard to the issues raised in CTIA’s Petition for a Declaratory Ruling, I commend Chairman Genachowski for allowing parties to try to reach a consensus on the technical requirements and procedures that will enable currently available signal boosters to continue to serve the needs of consumers while addressing the interference concerns raised by carriers. As we have seen in other proceedings, such as the one involving E9-1-1 location accuracy standards, industry collaboration tends to serve the interests of consumers better than litigation. I also compliment Ruth Milkman and her staff in the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau for seeking input from the Commissioner Offices as they developed options to resolving the difficult issues in this proceeding.


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