Your iPhone is Tracking Your Location

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Your iPhone is Tracking Your Location

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Two security researchers based out of the UK have discovered an interesting or somewhat disturbing featuring depending on your level of big brother paranoia. All Apple iPhones operating on iOS4.0 or above, have an undocumented feature that constantly logs your location complete with longitude/latitude and timestamps the data. This wouldn't be a huge deal, however, there is a hidden file that stores the data (consolidated.db), which is rather easy to access from any computer that you've ever backed up your iPhone from. This data isn't erased when you upgrade to a newer iPhone either, the software will automatically continue to backup all locations that you've visited with your iPhone. Some could argue that this information could be useful within the government to track peoples habits/whereabouts, while other people will see this as a clear violation of their right to privacy. What do you think? Discuss on EVDOForums - Your iPhone is tracking you!  


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