Cradlepoint CBR400 Business-Series Portable Router: First Look

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cradlepoint CBR400 Business-Series Portable Router: First Look

Cradlepoint has released several new routers in the past few months, and they continued the trend this week by launching the CBR400 (Compact Broadband Router). The CBR400 is the successor to the CTR500, which has been one of Cradlepoint's most popular travel since 2008 thanks to its compact size, support for both USB and ExpressCard modems, and Cradlepoint didn't change either of those features when it comes to the new CBR400. The CBR400 is nearly identical in appearance to its predecessor, from the dimensions to the ports - just like the CTR500, the CBR400 features one USB port, one ExpressCard port, and a single ethernet port that can be configured as either a WAN input or LAN output.
If you prefer you can watch our CBR400 first look video below:
The CBR400 isn't exactly the same as the CTR500, of course (Cradlepoint re-vamped it for a reason!). What does the CBR400 offer that its predecessor (the CTR500) did NOT?

  • New easy-to-use BSD platform (like the CTR35, MBR95, and MBR1400 routers)
  • WiFi as WAN functionality - the CBR400 has the ability to utilize a WiFi hotspot as its source of connectivity (e.g. campground WiFi, commercial hotspot like those offered by McDonald's/Starucks, even a hotspot from a smartphone like the iPhone!)
  • Dual SSIDs - broadcast one SSID as your main network and a second one for guests
  • Wireless N for MUCH greater range and speeds
  • More robust LED indicator system

How does the CBR400 compare to Cradlepoint’s other newly-released routers, the travel-friendly CTR35, MBR95 home router, and business-grade MBR1400?

CBR400 vs CTR35:
  • CBR400 offers MUCH greater wireless range
  • CBR400 features a more robust LED indicator system
  • TRUE “WiFi N” standard Wifi range and speeds

CBR400 vs MBR95:
  • CBR400 is significantly smaller and more travel-friendly
  • CBR400 features one USB port and one ExpressCard port (MBR95 just has one USB port)
  • MBR95 supports up to 32 wifi clients (vs 16 on CBR400)
  • MBR95 features 4 LAN ports for wired connections and 1 WAN port (CBR400 includes just one configurable LAN/WAN port)

CBR400 vs MBR1400:
  • CBR400 is significantly smaller and more travel-friendly
  • MBR1400 offers option to add protective security cap
  • MBR1400 features 3 USB ports + 2 ExpressCard slots for more advanced load-balancing/failover options (versus one of each on the CBR400)
  • CBR400 has just one WAN/LAN port, MBR1400 has 1 WAN port plus 4 configurable LAN ports that can also function as WAN ports
  • MBR1400 offers true enterprise functionality for any size business (including Site-to-Site VPN)
  • MBR1400 offers 5.0ghz WiFi option and ability to add external WiFi antennas

The Cradlepoint CBR400 is now available at 3Gstore for $169.99. Save an additional $20 if you're also signing up for a Sprint or Verizon 2-year contract!

ALL routers purchased from 3Gstore include:

  • 1 year of FREE expert tech support from US-based/English speaking 3Gstore technicians who know CradlePoint routers inside and out. Purchase at the big box retailers (or just about any online reseller) and they will tell you to call CradlePoint for support and CradlePoint - did you know that Cradlepoint charges $9.95 for each 30-minute support call? We get MANY customers calling each every day who wish they knew this before purchasing - don’t make the same mistake!
  • Free access to exclusive tipsheets that will help you with your router setup, from setting up a gaming console to a webcam
  • Free Support CD included with EVERY CradlePoint purchase.

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