Playstation 3 Gaming Tipsheet for New Cradlepoint Net BSD

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Playstation 3 Gaming Tipsheet for New Cradlepoint Net BSD

At 3Gstore we provide a variety of tipsheets available exclusively to 3Gstore customers that offer step by step instructions on various configurations. As Cradlepoint moves to their new Net BSD platform on models like the CTR35, MBR95, CBR400 and MBR1400, they've created a more intuitive and user-friendly admin interface. We have created extensive PDF step-by-step guides for these platforms, however, until now we didn't have one for specifically for gaming with the new Cradlepoint BSD. Over the last year we've been getting more and more customers interested in gaming over a 3G or 4G connection.

In our "Can I Play the PS3/360/Wii over 3G/4G" article we showed exactly how playable these games actually are, but have found some users having difficulty with proper router configurations. To make things easier for 3Gstore customers, we've developed an exclusive tipsheet dedicated to the new Cradlepoint BSD platform. This tip sheet will guide customers step by step indicating each change they'll need to make in order to optimize their router for gaming online. At this time this setup is available for a Playstation 3 configuration and we'll have a dedicated tipsheet for Xbox 360 users soon. By following these directions step by step users will be able to enable a "Nat Type 2 Open" connection, which allows you to join any games and reduce the amount of lag you experience in a game.

This tip sheet is included for FREE with all BSD routers purchased from 3Gstore. If you purchased a BSD router from 3Gstore and would like to receive a copy of this tip sheet, send an email to support "at" with your invoice number

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