CradlePoint MBR95 vs. MBR900

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Friday, 01 July 2011

CradlePoint MBR95 vs MBR900

Comparing the MBR95 (left) vs. MBR900 (right).  MBR95 better value, more features, longer future, cool stuff coming and many performance improvements over the MBR900.

The CradlePoint MBR95 is the successor to the popular MBR900, which was very popular amongst home users. The next generation NetBSD based MBR95 is designed to build onto what MBR900 users have enjoyed for years as well as add exciting new features. The NetBSD platform is the next generation platform and designed specifically to handle current and future Sprint WiMAX and Verizon LTE modem speeds. This is achieved through the new MIPS Processor, additional memory and RF engineering to reduce system noise. With the MBR900 system noise was a common problem with 4G LTE and WiMAX equipment and users must use a USB extension cable if they want the best performance out of their devices. After addressing these issues CradlePoint didn't stop and also decided to enhance the systems WiFi performance too.  Also, the NetBSD interface offers a simplified user interfac, which allows users to easily configure their router via a basic mode and and an advanced mode for those that want to see all the features of their router.

The MBR95 features WiFi 'N' with a 2x2 internal antenna configuration, which allows it to be much more portable than the MBR900 that had two antennas the stuck up in the air. This also removes the concern of breaking your WiFi antenna and you still receive the same 100-150' (Real world tests) wireless range you'd receive with the MBR900. You'll also have the ability to do dual SSIDs (Wireless Network Name), which can allow you to create a business end for private users and a guest network for public users. This feature will also allow you to create multiple categories for different devices; in example: QoS (Quality of Service), VoIP and more. The new NetBSD is also the only platform that will allow users to use WiFi as WAN, which allows them to use another WiFi source as failover or connect their hotspot enabled smartphone.

In addition to these useful features CradlePoint has designed to new tools to help monitor you modem below.

Modem Reliability Solutions: 

  • Modem Hammer - Ensures proper connectivity with 3G/4G wireless modems
  • Modem Health Management (MHM) - Monitors connectivity of 3rd-party USB modems
  • MHM also provides tiers of recovery mechanisms, which starts with software resets and moves to hardware and modem power cycles if necessary

CradlePoint also plans to offer a host of new features over the course of the year to add additional features to their NetBSD based MBR95. The older MBR900 WILL NOT see these new features and will no longer be the lead platform, which means you'll see new modems added to the MBR95 well before the MBR900. With the push to this new NetBSD platform you may see the MBR900 on sale and we highly recommend not buying into an outdated technology. If you've already purchased an MBR900 you'll be able to use your existing hardware without issue, however, down the road when new modems are developed you may be stuck on older technology that doesn't support the latest and greatest!


If you are buying a new 3G/4G Router and considering the MBR900, you will get a better value getting the MBR95, as it is a better performer, more cool features coming and CradlePoint will be supporting it after they stop supporting the MBR900 next year.



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