Most Prepaid 3G Solutions Block Remote-Based Applications, Datajack Works for These Situations!

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Monday, 11 July 2011

Most Prepaid 3G Solutions Block Remote-Based Applications, Datajack Works for These Situations!


Over the last few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people interested in deploying 3G wireless devices to remotely monitor IP cameras and other equipment. Unfortunately, there has also been a growing trend of mobile broadband carriers utilizing private-facing IP addresses, which won't allow you to remotely access your equipment - remote-based applications require a public-facing IP address. This has been a known issue with Verizon's 4G network, and we've discovered several other carriers who are also assigning private IP addresses to their wireless modems, including most prepaid 3G options. Below you'll find a list of known carriers that either block ports or assign a private IP, preventing you from accessing your device remotely:

Carriers known to block remote applications:      
  • T-Mobile Prepaid
  • Cricket Prepaid
  • AT&T Prepaid AND 2-year contract services
  • Virgin Mobile Prepaid
  • Verizon 4G LTE Devices (3G-only devices WILL work)

So, if you're trying to use any of the above services, you WILL NOT be able to access anything off the local network. When you have a private IP (10. address), you can't access any inbound traffic and will only be able to send outbound traffic. If you don't see your carrier on the list and aren't sure whether they provide a public or private IP address, it's actually very easy to determine: go to your start menu and type "Run" into the search box, then type in "CMD"; this will bring up a command console. Tybe "ipconfig" and hit enter to check the default gateway. If it's a "10.x" address you know that your carrier is using a private IP, rather than a public IP. See the screenshot below for an example:

Private IP








If you need to have a public-facing IP for remote applications and are looking for prepaid service, we recommend Datajack. Datajack is the only prepaid service we have found that issues public-facing IP addresses, and it also offers a number of other benefits - no contract, no activation fee, low monthly fee, and nationwide coverage. The Datajack MC760 modem also features an antenna port and is compatible with virtually all of our 3G/4G routers and is easy to setup for remote access. This service is $49.99/mo and gives you 5GB of data allowing you to stay connected on the move without requiring any type of commitment. If you're interested in getting online remotely with a prepaid solution, we highly recommend Datajack service so you'll have a public IP that allows access to remote applications!  

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