Configure the Pepwave Surf Mini with a WiFi Hotspot

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mobile Broadband FAQ #11: How to Configure the Pepwave Surf Mini

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How do I Configure the Pepwave Surf Mini with a WiFi Hotspot?


The Pepwave Surf Mini is a very popular option for customers looking to grab onto a WiFi signal that may be just out of reach with your laptop directly. The one thing that people get concerned about is the configuration and if it is difficult to setup. The two most popular configurations of the Pepwave Surf Mini are using it as a wireless receiver or using it to repeat the WiFi signal from a local hotspot. Below you'll find a video tutorial demonstrating how easy the configuration is and how you can literally have it up and running in under 5 minutes!

The two most important sections that you'll need to focus on when doing a configuration are the "Wireless Settings" and "AP Settings". If you're using the Pepwave to receive a WiFi signal to subsidize your data usage on your 3G/4G modem you can disregard the "AP Settings." Simply follow along in the video and configure the wireless settings, and after you see the lights on your Pepwave Surf Mini go solid green, run an Ethernet cable directly into your router's WAN port. You can then turn your router on and unplug your 3G/4G modem and you'll be using the public WiFi source to provide internet access to your router.

Now, the "AP Settings" are used to rebroadcast the Pepwave's WiFi if you don't have another router you want it to connect it to. As seen in the video this will also allow you to connect a computer, smartphone or tablet to the Pepwave via WiFi to manually configure this as you move to new locations. This is typically the easiest way to go about the configuration since you won't need to worry about plugging an Ethernet cable into the device for configuration more than once. If you plan to use the Pepwave in a building-to-building configuration or to increase the wireless range in your home, you'll want to configure the AP settings of the router as seen in the video.

For 3Gstore customers that require detailed instructions to follow along to this video we also offer a Pepwave Configuration Tipsheet, which is a downloadable PDF that includes detailed configuration information. If you'd like to learn more about what the Pepwave Surf Mini can do for you read this article - Pepwave Surf Mini Solves Many WiFi-Related Challenges

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