Novatel USB551L LTE Modem Gets More CradlePoint Support (and soon Peplink)

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Novatel USB551L LTE Modem Gets More CradlePoint Support (and soon Peplink)

This week CradlePoint released firmware 3.2.4 for the MBR1400, CBR400, CBR450, MBR95 and CTR35 that officially supports the Novatel USB551L (Verizon 3G/4G LTE USB Data Card). The USB551L is the latest 4G mobile broadband data card from Verizon and works on both the Verizon LTE (VZ4G) network as well as the nationwide 3G network. The techs at will be testing this firmware and after it passes our tests, we will include it on the 3Gstore Support CD (by end of this week).

We at really like the Novatel card and are happy to see it supported by Cradlepoint’s newest routers. Unlike some of Verizon’s other 3G/4G modems, the USB551L doesn’t appear to have some of the problems that have plagued other cards have had, such as:
disconnect problems
problematic antenna ports (the UML290 and VL600 both have very fragile antenna ports that some users have damaged when using an external antenna; the USB551L doesn’t have this problem)

This brings the NetBSD CradlePoint OS in line with the legacy CradlePoint OS for modem support. The NetBSD platform does offer tons more features currently and since no new features will be added to the legacy routers, expect even more features in the coming months fo the NetBSD platform (MBR1400, CBR400, CBR450, MBR95, CTR35).

Success/Failure Thread for CradlePoint Firmware 3.2.4

As a side note, the techs at are also currently working with Pepwave to add support for the Novatel USB551L to the next firmware release for the Peplink products (Peplink Balance 20, Peplink Balance 30 and other Peplink Products). We have tested different 4G Modems with Peplink beta software and it kept the 3Gstore warehouse operational during massive storms that knocked out internet/power last week.

The next firmware release from Pepwave will add official 4G support to their line of Load Balancing Routers.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 19 July 2011 )
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