Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network Issue

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network Issue

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When Verizon Wireless released their 4G LTE network they changed the way people thought about mobile broadband. The latency, download and upload speeds are approaching higher end cable tiers, which allow customers to enjoy things that simply weren't possible over a 3G connection. However, the new 4G network has gone through growing pains and is causing some frustration in maintaining a reliable internet connection for some users. So, what exactly is the issue with the Verizon 4G network?

Users with any 3G/4G wireless modem or smartphone are reporting an active internet connection, but they can't get out to the internet. We've discovered what is causing the issue and why you may be getting a false-positive reading on if your internet connection is actually available. The issue is with how Verizon identity's network traffic and why your Cradlepoint, Nexaira, WiFi Ranger or stand alone device indicates it's connected but won't get online. When a router or stand alone device runs a health check they're using ICMP ping's to get out to the internet. This means you could run a command prompt or network utility and appear that you're online by pinging any web address. However, that's not the case because in order to access a website, you need to use TCP/UDP protocols and that is the part of Verizon's network that seems to be having issues.

The video below demonstrates this issue with a MiFi 4510L and HTC Thunderbolt smartphone: 

As you can see from the video these are stand alone devices that aren't using any type of 3G/4G router and have the same problem. If you're using a router and can't seem to get out to the internet despite the router indicating you're connected to the internet, you must contact Verizon to report the issue. Again, the routers measure an internet connection by ICMP and the issue is with TCP/UDP and that is something only Verizon can fix. We've managed to duplicate this issue with a Pantech UML290 and Novatel USB551L 3G/4G modem and if you refer to the picture at the top, you'll notice the router appears online and can ping out, but can't get out to the internet.

If you're experiencing these issues please contact Verizon Customer Service at - 1-800-922-0204

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