Peplink Balance Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Peplink Balance Bandwidth Monitoring Tools


As of 2011, over 56% of ISPs have implemented some type of monthly data cap on internet usage, which can result in overage charges or potentially cause account throttling. Typically these overage charges are associated with wireless modem providers like Verizon and Sprint, which many businesses use for a backup connection when their primary ISP goes down (AKA "failover"). These ISP limitations make it crucial for companies to be able to easily monitor their data consumption to avoid additional charges. The Peplink Balance series (20, 30, 210, 310, 380, 580, 710, Max 700 and 1350) provides data monitoring statistics in real time as well as by date, connection type, and individual clients connected to the network (to determine who is using large amounts of data). Below you'll find a video demonstration of all the bandwidth monitoring tools the Peplink Balance routers offer:

Video Demonstration of Peplink Balance Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

Real-Time Monitoring:

Real time data can be incredibly useful for a company to determine exactly how much bandwidth each of their connections are actively using. This can help you determine if you're over paying for a larger pipe than required, or see how the load is distributed by each of your connections. This is also broken down into download, upload and total amount transferred over each individual connection. You also have the ability to see your average statistics and bandwidth peaks, which can also be useful to ensure that you're actually getting what you pay for during heavy traffic hours.

(Real time data monitoring)

Daily Usage:

If you're not actively monitoring the real time statistics you can also refer to daily data consumption logs. This allows you to quickly reference usage on a daily basis and look for any anomalies on the network. If you notice some type of unusual spike, you can click on the specific date in question and look at each individual connection that used the network on that specific day. This gives you the ability to determine exactly which computer, server or which device transferred an unusual large amount of data. You can then take proper action by evaluating those systems looking for malware, viruses or if it's just a problematic employee downloading bit torrents. This can also be broken down by specific connections allowing you to determine how often your main connections are going down and failing over. If your ISP gives you a guarantee you can then use these data statistics as evidence, to indicate that you're not the service level you're paying for.  

(Daily Bandwidth Monitoring Tools)

Monthly Usage:

The monthly totals work just like the daily usage monitors work, but they allow you to quickly have an overview of the entire month. After you've implemented a Peplink Balance router in your network environment, you'll have a lot of data to analyze on all your active connections. This can help you spot any trends or an increased demand in bandwidth, which could be resulting in lost productivity. This can help you scale your business based on demand and ensure that you have enough connections or can safely terminate an extra line you though you may have needed for redundancy.

(Monthly Bandwidth Monitoring Tools)

These tools are also going to be incredibly useful in the networking environment when it comes time to setup any individual or group bandwidth policies. You can see how much legitimate data they're transmitting and factor that into the equation, to make sure they've got enough bandwidth to do their job. This also helps when setting up different QoS (Quality of Service) rules, allowing you to know how much bandwidth specific hardware requires and how much bandwidth to allocate. The Peplink Balance routers offer complete user statistics and are just one of the tools used to help you optimize your network environment.

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