Doing a Site Survey to Determine if a Cellular Antenna Will Benefit you

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Doing a Site Survey to Determine if a Cellular Antenna Will Benefit you

(Step by step instructions on how to conduct a site survey)

One of the most common questions we get asked is "Will an antenna help me?", and doing the site survey will give you crucial information to answer the question. This information will also indicate if you can get away with just an antenna, or if you'd need to add an amplifier to the setup to get a strong reliable cellular signal. If you don't know this information, it's virtually impossible to determine if an antenna is going to help or what type would be the best for your scenario. In fact, the concept of a cellular antenna is very similar to old analog and digital TV antennas.

Think of your old TV rabbit ears before satellite and cable were an option, which were used to give you a little clearer picture. This would be akin to our 6" Booster Antenna, used in indoor applications where you can't install something outside the building. Now, how many of you remember those large outdoor TV antennas you could purchase to put on top of your roof? The reason people did this was to obviously pull in more TV channels and get a clearer picture, and the concept is the same with a wireless modem. If you find that your cellular signal gets better outside, placing an antenna like our 18" Building Mount Omni on the roof will give you a better signal, which typically results in increased download/upload performance and increased reliability.

You can find detailed step by step instructions on how to conduct a site survey here - Click: How to do a Site Survey

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