How to Fix Samsung SCH-LC11 WiFi Disconnects

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

3Gstore Tech Corner #11: How to Fix Samsung SCH-LC11 WiFi Disconnects

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One of the many benefits to shopping at is the unrivaled technical support our tech team offers. The mobile broadband experts at 3Gstore have helped countless customers solve a wide variety of issues, and in our Tech Corner series we'll be featuring interesting problems our customers have called us for help with, the solutions our team provided, and some simple advice for you to avoid the same problem!


Does the WiFi on your Samsung SCH-LC11 Hotspot Disconnect on you? Change your Security Type

The Problem: Users have had issues where the WiFi on their Samsung SCH-LC11 seems to randomly disappear. This means you could be connected to the Verizon network, but when the WiFi drops out you won't be able to surf the internet. The interesting thing is this has been occurring on both Windows and Mac OS's, which rules out any compatibility issues direct with the operating software.

The Solution: The problem with the Samsung SCH-LC11 is the default WiFi security type that is used. By changing the security from (TKIP) to (AES) should resolve any WiFi disconnects you're experiencing (Please note - this is not a solution if you randomly lose connection do to poor cellular signals).

Here is how you change your security type:
  • Open a web browser (IE, Firefox, etc) and navigate to
  • The password to log in is the same as you WiFi - It will be printed on the backside of your hotspot above the battery
  • Click on the "Network" tab at the top of the screen
  • Under "LAN WiFi", click the WiFi button
  • Click on the "Manual Configuration" button.
  • On the "Security" line click the drop down menu, which should read "WPA/Personal/PSK (TKIP)" by default
  • Select "WPA2/Personal/PSK (AES)" from the drop down menu
  • You will need to reenter your Samsung SCH-LC11 password below - Refer to bottom of the device
  • Click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the page
  • A warning will come up indicating you've changed settings, click okay and the device will reset
  • Your WiFi will drop out as the settings are applied, after reboot reestablish a connection to the computer via WiFi

Our Advice: If you've had this problem or just purchased the Samsung SCH-LC11, and are experiencing issues with WiFi dropouts we recommend this fix to resolve the problem for you. However, if you've been using the device for a while and haven't experienced this problem DO NOT make this change. This solution is only going to impact those that notice the WiFi completely drop out on the device. If you have been noticing your device time out, but are still connected to the WiFi network, you probably have a signal related issue and may want to consider a 3G repeater to boost service.

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