Antennas Available for AT&T USBConnect Momentum, Router Support Coming Soon

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Antennas Available for AT&T USBConnect Momentum, Router Support Coming Soon

On Sunday 9/18 AT&T launched their 4G LTE network in five markets across the U.S. designed to provide users with even faster data transfers. The USBConnect Momentum is the only 4G LTE capable modem that currently offers an antenna port to increase your cellular reception. To help determine if an antenna will help you we recommend doing a site survey prior to ordering any equipment to determine if an antenna will benefit you.

Please Note -
AT&T is using multiple frequencies between 3G and 4G, and we recommend checking the coverage map in your area to verify what's in your area. If you find yourself in a "4G LTE" area you'll need a 700Mhz compatible antenna, and if you're in a standard "4G" or "3G" area any of our 800/1900Mhz antennas will work for you. If you have any questions about the antenna you'll need feel free to give us a call at 866-347-8673 

You can find a variety of different antennas for the USBConnect Momentum here: View 3G/4G Antennas for USBConnect Momentum

With the new modems released, we've also got a lot of requests for 3G/4G router support. At this time none of the routers will currently work with the new LTE capable modems, however, Cradlepoint is hard at work adding support for these devices. We've gotten word from Cradlepoint that these devices will be officially supported in Novemeber with their next firmware release. The release you'd need is 3.4.0 for NetBSD based series 3 routers, and 1.9 firmware of the series 2 based routers. If you've already purchased a router you can follow the list below to determine which firmware version you'll need to watch out for.

All of CradlePoint's recently-released routers operate on the new CradlePoint WiPipe Series 3 (NetBSD):

The following Cradlepoint routers operate on the older WiPipe Series 2 (Ubicom 5K):

Please Note - If you haven't already purchased a router we HIGHLY recommend going with the new NetBSD based platform because it's Cradlepoint's lead platform. This means in the future you'll see the updates first and will be supported longer than the older Ubicom platform.

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