Cellphone-Mate Inc Announces First FCC Approved 4G LTE Amplifier for AT&T, the CM700A

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Tuesday, 04 October 2011

Cellphone-Mate Inc Announces First FCC Approved 4G LTE Amplifier for AT&T, the CM700A

Follows LTE and 4G Amplifiers for Verizon and T-Mobile Networks introduced in July and March 2011, making Cellphone-Mate the most complete 4G cellular amplification provider

Fremont, Calif., October 4, 2011---Cellphone-Mate, a leading provider of cell phone amplifiers and accessories, today announced that it is introducing the first FCC approved, 4G LTE amplifier for the AT&T network. This announcement coincides with AT&T’s launching of 4G LTE service in Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta and Chicago, and their plans to reach at least 70 million Americans with 4G LTE coverage in 15 major metropolitan areas by the end of 2011. Full-scale shipment of the Cellphone-Mate amplifier for AT&T 4G LTE will begin late October, 2011 and pre-orders can be made mid-October.

With the introduction SureCall® CM700A 70dB amplifier for AT&T’s 4G LTE network, it represents Cellphone-Mate’s third first-to-market cellphone amplification product for 4G technology to ship in North America. In early July, Cellphone-Mate introduced its bidirectional SureCall CM700V 70dB amplifier dedicated to the nation’s leading carrier, Verizon, and in
March 2011, the company introduced its 4G SureCall CM2100 AWS amplifier for the T-Mobile network and WIND Mobile in Canada.

“4G technology is the future and the introduction of this AT&T cell amplifier, or booster, sets us ahead of the pack in our industry,” states Cellphone-Mate CEO, Hongtao Zhan. “While we may not be the biggest player in the amplifier market, we’ve proven so far that we are the most nimble and quickest to react to the 4G revolution. In fact, we’ve proven it with our last three product introductions. And we’re striving to keep that momentum for the future.”

This new, in-building amplifier complements the two external and two internal full-band antennas the company is currently shipping for the LTE network. Each of these full-band antennas work with all carriers in North America, for all cellular frequencies, and with all generations of technology including 2G, 3G and 4G.

With cellular amplifiers built specifically for 4G technology, Cellphone-Mate is the only company that currently supplies aftermarket amplifiers, antennas, splitters and couplers for all North American LTE and AWS technologies and frequencies. While Cellphone-Mate’s new amplifiers work with LTE and AWS, its product lines of antennas, splitters, and couplers, also work with all cellular bands in North America, including Cellular, PCS, and the Wi-Max band.

Like all its products, the CM700A 70dB, 4G LTE amplifier will be covered by Cellphone-Mate’s industry exclusive two-year manufacturer’s warranty. All Cellphone-Mate products are available from its network of authorized resellers and distributors.

Full specs and ordering information will be available at

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