Verizon 4G LTE 700mhz Amplifiers: Cellphone-Mate CM700V vs Wilson 801865

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Wednesday, 05 October 2011

Verizon 4G LTE 700mhz Amplifiers: Cellphone-Mate CM700V vs Wilson 801865

700mhz LTE amplifiers for Verizon 4G (left: Cellphone-Mate CM700V, right: Wilson 801865)

Verizon launched their 4G LTE network in December and have been moving at a breakneck pace pace to deploy their 4G LTE service, which is currently available in 143 markets. The service is extremely fast, outpacing even cable connections in some instances, and we've had a lot of users in fringe areas asking about boosting their 4G LTE reception.

Until recently, customers had limited options for boosting their 4G LTE frequency - there are several LTE antennas available, but those can only be used to boost the signal to one device, and the device has to have an external antenna port. Users of 4G devices and phones without antenna ports, and users who wanted to boost the 4G signal to multiple 4G LTE devices, were out of luck. Now, there are two wireless amplifiers available specifically for the 700mhz LTE frequency: the Cellphone-Mate CM700V and Wilson 801865. Both of these amplifiers, when paired with 700mhz-capable external and internal antennas, will boost the 4G LTE signal wirelessly throughout a large home/office/warehouse space so that multiple LTE devices can benefit from a signal boost.

Now that two amplifiers are available for the 700mhz frequency, and they both have identical specs, the obvious question is: which ones works better? We put them to the test to find out! Check out our video below for a full head to head shootout between the two units:

Test parameters: We tested the amplifiers one after another, in the exact same location, with the exact same antennas and cabling - the ONLY variable that changed was the amplifiers themselves. We wanted to ensure that any difference in performance could be attributed to the amplifier (as opposed to the antennas, or the time of day, etc).

Our test modem was a Pantech UML290. With NO signal boosting equipment connected, our RSSI was -81dbm, the SINR was 5.4, and our results were averaging 6.98-7.90mbps down and 1.92-2.54mbps up.

Test equipment:


With the Wilson 801865 amplifier, our RSSI improved dramatically to -38db (remember, closer to zero is better) and our SINR went up to 16. Obviously the signal improved dramatically - but what about the speeds? We were happy to see that with the 801865 amp, our speeds improved to 16.18-19.32mbps down and 5.54-9.39mbps up - definitely a significant improvement!

We then tested the Cellphone-Mate CM700V. With the CM700V, our RSSI still showed dramatic improvement over our baseline tests, going up to -48db; the SINR improved even more, to 19. While the Wilson amplifier showed more improvement on the RSSI side, the fact that the CM700V helped more with SINR proved to be the deciding factor - our speeds with the CM700V skyrocketed to 21.05-22.03mbps down and 13.32mbps-14.54mbps up!

Obviously, both amplifiers worked VERY well to improve signal, SINR, and speeds. The CM700V was the clear winner when it came to improving performance, though.

One important thing to note is that these amplifiers will both ONLY boost 4G Verizon LTE signal - they will NOT boost signal for voice, 2G, 3G, or any other carrier's 4G network - so these amplifiers are only appropriate if the ONLY signal you're concerned about is 4G LTE.

If you've tried either the Cellphone-Mate CM700V or Wilson 801865 amplifier, share your experience on the EVDO Forums: Cellphone-Mate CM700V and Wilson 801865 amplifiers discussion

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