Sprint Announces 4G LTE to Run on 1900Mhz

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Friday, 07 October 2011

Sprint Announces 4G LTE to Run on 1900Mhz

Dan Hesse took the stage shortly after 9:30EST to talk strategy and Sprint's plans for the future. Hesse begins with "Let's talk about Sprint and our Strategy", and talks about their brand simplicity and value. One of the first points that is mentioned is they're still the only company that offers unlimited data to keep things simple. Over the last three years Sprint has been consistently improving their service, and our now tied with Verizon on customer satisfaction. In fact, over the last five quarters they've continually added more subscribers. After 20 minutes Hesse finally mentions the iPhone and how it will help improve their cash flow and increase their probability.

The next person up to the stage is Steve Elfman and their aggressive plan on LTE rollouts on the 1900Mhz spectrum. The plan is to create a multi-mode network platform, which "Enables multiple technologies and spectrum to be deployed on a common platform at a lower cost structure." They plan on a rapid LTE deployment with the first series of devices in mid 2012, and WiMAX devices will be sold throughout 2012. The LTE network will be significantly faster than their existing 4G WiMAX technology. Steve also mentions their partnership with LightSquared and how they plan to host their service on the 1600Mhz frequency (LightSquared pending FCC approval). They will also be wholesaling their 2500Mhz WiMAX spectrum from their arrangement with Clearwire.  

After discussing their plans with LightSquared and 4G LTE the next topic is their network vision progress. They've known they'd have the iPhone for a few months and have been improving cell sites to be prepared when the iPhone 4s launches on October 14. They've achieved 3G/4G milestones and currently have work on 22,000 cell sites underway to improve native coverage. New tower agreements are being put into place so customers won't be found roaming on other networks. Finally the iDEN network should be fully migrated by mid 2013, which will yield 3 times better coverage and deliver better in building penetration.

Below you'll find a picture of what coverage will look like in the New York area after their Network Vision is complete:

By end of 2012, there will be 176 million POPs and by end of 2013, there will be 250 million POPs and when completed, around 277 million POPs. Sprint will be partnering with Samsung, Alcatel Lucent and Ericsson to turn their three existing networks into one seamless network. When this is completed Sprint will have a unified cellular network designed to support Sprint Direct Connect, 3G and their 4G LTE networks.

All of their OEM manufactures like HTC, LG and Samsung are adopting LTE chipsets to make the Network Vision possible. As these changes are made the cost for LTE chipset will actually fall below the current cost for WiMAX chipsets. Customers can expect dual mode CDMA/LTE phones and devices in the mid part of 2012. These will consist of mobile hotspots, cellular phones, machine to machine applications and embedded modules with LTE. They anticipate that there will be 15 devices coming throughout 2012, which will put them on par with Verizon's 4G LTE device offerings.


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