Pepwave InControl Remote Management Services

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Monday, 10 October 2011

Pepwave InControl Remote Management Services

Pepwave has a free management service called InControl found on the Pepwave AP One, Pepwave Mesh Connector 400 and Pepwave Polepoint series. This gives you the ability to manage all system tasks like router configurations, full device reporting and direct customer communication through a single interface. This allows you to maintain complete control over the network environment without the need to be on hand to manage the devices. Below you'll find a video demonstration showing how these tools can work for you.

Pepwave InControl Demonstration Video:

What can InControl do for you?

  • Reduce Overhead Costs - InControl allows you to communicate directly, which allows you to eliminate outbound calling and mass emails.
  • Reference All Hardware - You can use the main dashboard interface to visibly see all components online/offline.
  • Diagnose User Experience - Use the monitoring tools to identify weak areas of WiFi or peak bandwidth periods.
  • Automatic Reports and Alerts - You can have system updates sent directly to you giving you statistics and make sure you maintain network quality.
  • Search and Labeling Systems - Create custom tags to ease recurring tasks and manage all inventory deployed or still in storage. 
  • Remote Configurations - Configure device templates and group configurations for different facilities.
  • Firmware Management - Easily store a variety of system firmwares or schedule system updates.

Pepwave's InControl management system is a very powerful tool to help streamline networking activities throughout every branch office. All the Pepwave products can be easily configured via serial number identification, which simplifies the initial configuration. If you demand complete network control you can use Pepwave equipment with the Peplink Balance series of routers, which give you complete redundancy and handle your wired equipment. This service is 100% free to customers and offers an unparalleled amount of support and control over your network environment!

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