Find my iPhone - MobileMe vs. iCloud (iOS5)

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Find my iPhone - MobileMe vs. iCloud (iOS5)

Today, Apple released iOS 5 which includes iCloud. iCloud allows you to store your music, photos, documents, reminders, calendars and contacts in "the cloud" and easily sync them between all your devices.  iCloud also features "Find My iPhone", which allows you to show the location of your iPhone or iPad on a Map along with remote locking, and playing a sound (in case you cannot find your device).

For MobileMe users some of this sounds very familiar and it is.  iCloud is replacing MobileMe.  This should be a fairly painless conversion since iCloud is free (you get 5GB of storage or you can purchase more if desire).  For those that use "Find My iPhone" on MobileMe, you cannot use both MobileMe and iCloud at the same time.  If you already have MobileMe enabled and you try to enable "Find My iPhone" on iCloud, you will be presented with "Enabling Find My iphone will turn off Find My iPhone for MobileMe".

If you only have one iPhone that you are locating, this isn't a big deal. If your whole family or employees have iPhones, you will need to log into both MobileMe and iCloud to locate your devices, until everyone is switched over to iCloud.

Switching over from MobileMe to iCloud is easy:

Settings -> iClound -> Enter Apple ID & Password -> Enable "Find My iPhone"

Once you enabled iCloud and Find My iPhone, your iPhone will let you know that MobileMe will be turned off - this is OK.


When locating on MobileMe or iCloud, the maps that are displayed look very similar:

Another reason to upgrade from MobileMe to iCloud is that it will not cost you anything and at some point MobileMe will go away and your only option will be iCloud.  With the release of the iPhone 4S and all future iPhones, they contain Siri which is your personal assistant.  One of the things you can verbally say to Siri is "Where is my wife" and Siri will use iCloud to determine the location and report it to you.

iCloud also has a new feature called Find My Friends which allows you to find friends or let friends find you for a day, few days or few weeks.  Could be handy when you want friends to be able to find you while on vacation but then want the tracking to end when the vacation ends.

So, if you are currently using the Find My iPhone feature as part of MobileMe or using it Free with the Find My iPhone App - you will soon be using the new iCloud instead.

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