iOS 5 Find My Friends - The Stress Test

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

iOS 5 Find Friends Stress Test

Apple just released "Find Friends " which allows those running iOS 5 and iCloud tobe able to share your location with one another. A few years ago, there was a stress test of BlackBerry Messenger and it allows 10,000 before finally failing.  We are curious about the maximum number of friends that you can add to Find My Friends, so let the stress test begin.

We wil report in to let you know the current number that we have.  We will end this testing after we find the limit or our iPhone becomes completely unusable.

So, upgrade to iOS 5, download Find My Friends and send an email to

I have created a Temporary Event Called "Stress Test" and I will invite you.  This will last until next Friday (10/21/2011 @ 10am) and then the event will end.  Everyone that participates should be able to see everyone else on the Find My Friend App.

*** Update ***

Looks like there is a maximum of 50 friends that are allowed (see below).

You won’t be able to accept new requests to share your location if you already have the maximum number of permanent followers (50). You have to remove one of your existing followers before you can accept an invitation from someone new.

You can have up to:

  • 50 permanent followers.

  • 50 “pending” requests in the Requests tab; older requests are removed as new requests are received.

  • Up to 10 temporary events with a maximum of 50 friends in each event


If you would like to participate before we hit 50 to see this cool new feature, send an email to be added.

Friend Map as of 10/14/2011 6:30am CST


Last Updated ( Friday, 14 October 2011 )
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