Siri Not Working - Cannot Connect - Something's gone Wrong

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Friday, 14 October 2011

Siri Not Working - Cannot Connect - Something's gone Wrong


At least a million users got their iPhones today and probably another million picked them up at retail today.  We are wondering if Siri can handle the load.  Everything seemed to be working great with Siri from 2pm CST - 6:00pm CST then it just stopped working.  Even simple requests, Siri doesn't understand any commands.  Siri will reply,"Sorry, something's gone wrong.  Can you try that again?".

Here is the issue.  Everytime you issue a command, your iPhone 4S sends the request to Apple's servers for translation and then back to your iPhone.  Apple's Siri Servers are probably getting pounded as 2 million users are showing off their new toys to family members.   There are some advantages to this design.  Apple can easily update Siri instantly on millions of iPhone 4S's.  The downside, is that you need an internet connection (3G or WiFi) in order for Siri to work.  So, if you are on a plane, or on Airplane mode OR in a no cell coverage area - Siri will not work.  Go ahead and put in airplane mode and ask any question and you will get "Sorry, I'm having trouble connecting to the network".


So,are you having problems?  Post your comments below.  I guess we know why it is called "Siri Beta" :(


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