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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

CloudCam Review -WebCam For Everyone Else


Have you ever wanted an IP Camera or Webcam, but were concerned about how difficult the setup may be? Now, imagine a camera that you can have up and running in a few minutes anywhere in the world! 3Gstore is happy to announce the CloudCam, which uses cloud-based management, allowing you to view your cameras anywhere you have Internet access. The CloudCam is so easy to set up that your grandmother could do it, but also offers advanced features for users looking for more options.

What separates CloudCam from standard IP cameras?

Standard IP cameras and webcams aren't the most user-friendly devices and can be difficult for novices to understand and configure; there are also limitations about what type of internet connection you can use with them. For instance, with a standard IP camera or webcam you can't use them over Verizon's 4G LTE network due to network limitations. If you've never set up a standard IP camera or webcam you can see all the complicated steps involved here: How to Configure an IP Camera or Webcam

With a CloudCam, all you need to do is connect an Ethernet cable from the CloudCam to your router and turn the device on (some models also allow you to connect via WiFi instead if you prefer). After you've connected the device to your router and set the CloudCam where you'd like to monitor, simply download the mCamView app to your iPhone or Android smartphone and launch the application (if you're using a Windows computer, you could use the included Cam View software instead of the app if you'd like). After the app or software is installed, click "add camera" then enter your CloudCam ID and password (this info comes with your camera) and you'll see your video within seconds! There's no complicated "DHCP this" or "Forward this port", just two numbers you need to enter and your cameras can be accessed anywhere in the world (with your password, of course). Checkout the video below to see how easy you can setup a CloudCam:

Can I access my CloudCam on the go? 

Yes, if you have either an Apple iPhone or Android handset you can download either the free mCamView app or the paid mCamView Pro app to view your cameras remotely. In fact, if you don't have a Windows computer to work from directly, you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone to do the initial setup for the camera. This can be extremely useful when setting up your CloudCam - instead of having to run back and forth from your camera to your computer to see if you've got it aimed in the direction you want, you can stay near it and check it on your phone! Whether you've got your computer with you or just your smartphone, CloudCams allow you to know exactly what's going on at your home or office at all times.


GlobalView Pro iPhone App
What can I do with a CloudCam?

Instead of what can I do, the question should be "What can't I do?" because you get a great deal of flexibility and choice with the different CloudCam models. We offer both indoor units as well as outdoor units that you can deploy around your home or office. With the quick CloudCam setup you can quickly integrate them into your day-to-day life and soon wonder how you lived without them. Below are just some of the popular uses you may find for the CloudCam:

CloudCam Business Uses:
  • Entrepreneurs or management watching the cash register
  • Watch employee productivity out of the office
  • Watch high traffic intersections or highways
  • Make sure your parking lot is accessible (snow removal/loiterers/traffic/etc)
  • High security areas, e.g. server rooms, restricted access zones etc.
  • Indoor/Outdoor surveillance
  • Watch your hotel room when traveling
  • Find out who is using your dumpster for personal use
  • Show waiting area or lobby on company website, so customer can see if it's busy (doctor's office, hair salon, etc)

CloudCam Personal Uses:
  • Keep an eye on your home, front door or backyard when not at home
  • Watch your children or keep an eye on the nanny
  • See what your pets are doing while you're away
  • Grandparents/elderly/nursing home
  • Vacation house monitoring
  • Who's at your door? Did FedEx or USPS come yet?

These of course are just some examples of what a CloudCam can do for you. We're sure that you'll find all kinds of interesting uses after you discover how easy a CloudCam can be implemented virtually anywhere.

What is the Cam View Software for CloudCam like?

Now that you know how easy CloudCams are to set up, let's take a look at the experience on a computer. Every CloudCam purchase includes a software CD loaded with Cam View, which is the application you'll use to view your cameras from a computer (Windows and Mac versions available).

(Screenshot from Cam View Software)

Just like the CloudCam, the Cam View software is incredibly user-friendly and allows you to quickly access up to 36 CloudCams! Similar to the iPhone/Android Global View application, simply click "Add Camera," give your camera a name and enter the included CloudCam ID and Password. Within a few seconds you'll be greeted with a video feed wherever your CloudCam is aimed. The software also allows you to view multiple cameras, which can come in handy if you've purchased multiple CloudCams to monitor different areas of your home or office. Rather than tell you how easy the Cam View software is to use, check out the demonstration video below:

What type of CloudCams are available?
3Gstore offers a variety of CloudCams based on your specific needs: a standard indoor unit with IR (infrared), an indoor camera with pan and tilt capabilities, and an outdoor CloudCam. All of the solutions are compatible with all the software listed above so you can mix and match cameras for your home and office. For example, you could have a couple indoor cameras to monitor the inside of your house as well as an outdoor one monitoring the backyard and easily view them all at once. Let's break down the different CloudCams (NOTE: Standard Definition and High Definition models available):

cloudcam_pan-tilt-sd.png CloudCam Indoor Wireless Pan Tilt Daytime with MicroSD slot: The CloudCam Wireless Pan Tilt is an excellent option for users that want to track moving objects around the CloudCam. You could use this CloudCam in a storefront to keep an eye on customers, or at home to watch your pets wandering through your home. In addition to the ability to pan and tilt, this CloudCam also offers digital zoom, allowing you to zoom in if you need a closer look at something. In fact, the iPhone and Android application allow you to steer the CloudCam and zoom in/out with the pinch of a finger! This camera also has a MicroSD card slot for an optional storage card (sold separately) - with a MicroSD card installed in the camera, you can record and save what the CloudCam is monitoring.

For more information on this Cloud Cam visit: CloudCam Indoor Wireless Pan Tilt Features

cloudcam_fixed-sd.png CloudCam Indoor Wireless Fixed Day & Night with MicroSD slot: The Fixed Indoor Wireless CloudCam is an excellent option for people that would like to keep an eye on the inside of their home or office while away. You could use this for monitoring your nanny, or keep one in the baby's room to make sure everything is okay. For business users you could easily set one of these CloudCams to watch your cash register, or allow customers to watch your waiting area live from your company website. For hair salons, nail salons and other businesses this could allow your customers to see if it's a good time to stop in or not. The IR (Infrared) function allows you to keep an eye on things even if the lights go out! This camera also has a MicroSD card slot for an optional storage card (sold separately) - with a MicroSD card installed in the camera, you can record and save what the CloudCam is monitoring.

For more information on this Cloud Cam visit: CloudCam Indoor Wireless Fixed Day/Night Features

CloudCam Outdoor Wired Day & Night: UPDATE March 2013: This camera has been discontinued and is no longer available. As of now, there is no replacement and no plans for one in the future. This CloudCam is perfect for users that would like to install an outdoor solution to monitor outside their business, or personal users keeping an eye on their children playing in the backyard. This CloudCam is IP66 grade, making it fully waterproof and ideal for areas where you get lots of snow or rain. You get a 640x480 picture with 30 frames per second can record video to NAS storage if desired. This can be ideal if you want to deploy these outside your business to keep an eye on the parking lot, or to see ongoing business activity. The Outdoor CloudCam also features IR that can be set to either 12, 24 or 36 LEDs for adjustable control when things get dark outside. You can check out the video below to see exactly how the Outdoor CloudCam IR function works:

For more information on this Cloud Cam visit: Cloud CamOutdoor Wired Day/Night Features 

Do I get any "advanced" features with a CloudCam?

If you're interested in doing more than just watching your home or office, CloudCams do offer more advanced features. The Cam View software and "Pro" versions of the iPhone/Android applications will allow you to configure scheduled recording, or only record when the CloudCam senses motion. If you already have a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device set up you can easily add this to keep extensive video recordings for your records. You can also quickly configure wireless so you don't need to use an Ethernet cable, and set up email notifications to receive real time alerts if the CloudCam detects any activity. For even more advanced users, you can also configure an FTP if you'd like to display specific CloudCam feeds on your websites. Stay tuned for feature articles that take an in depth look into advanced CloudCam setups!


There is nothing else on the IP camera market that offers a hassle-free setup like you get with a 3Gstore CloudCam. You don't need ANY networking knowledge to set up a CloudCam and can easily deploy them anywhere you have Internet access. With the cloud based control you don't have to worry about any special configuration with your Internet service provider, and can have your CloudCam up and running within minutes! The 3Gstore CloudCam is the easiest way to help you stay connected to the things important to you!

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