Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4 Beta

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Friday, 02 December 2011

New Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4 BETA Now Available

Filled with important new features, Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4 Beta is now available for you to test. Here are a few highlights of this beta release:

  • Video Bonding - Enhance video delivery and other streaming applications with our new patent pending video bonding technology. You will instantly notice a quality improvement!
  • Layer 2 Site-to-Site VPN - Connect your VPN sites together in Layer 2 configuration for more advanced network configurations and special applications!
  • Outbound Traffic by Domain Name - Routing outbound corporate website traffic to a faster Internet link while redirecting leisure traffic to a slower, cheaper link is now easy with our Outbound Traffic by Domain Name feature. Just specify desired domain names and all outbound traffic will route accordingly.
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) Support - Now you can control your Peplink devices from the command line. The new CLI interface displays device information via text interface and customized application.
  • IPv6 Support - IPv6 beta support is here! Get Peplink devices ready and tested for compliance with your upcoming IPv6 deployments.

If all that weren't enough, there are many other new additions you won't want to miss: health check by Web page, USB tethering on Android 2.2+ phones, InControl integration, and much more. Download the Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4 beta and try it out now!

As you test the new beta, let us know how your comments and suggestions by mailing us at Your feedback will help us build a better Firmware 5.4. To see a complete list of new Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4 features .
Download your firmware at

Firmware 5.4 supports:

to upgrade from version 4.8.2.  For all other firmware version 4.x.x, please upgrade to 4.8.2 first.

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