DNSCrypt by OpenDNS, Encrypt all DNS Traffic

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Thursday, 08 December 2011

DNSCrypt by OpenDNS, Encrypt all DNS Traffic

OpenDNS is a very popular service that can help reduce the time it takes a page to load when compared to the providers DNS information. In our TOTW #40 we showed you exactly how to configure OpenDNS on a Cradlepoint router and they've developed a new security tool called DNSCrypt, which encrypts all DNS traffic between you and OpenDNS. Founder David Ulevitch of OpenDNS says "It can have a positive impact on Internet security and privacy of millions of people around the world".  

DNS service can be a critical part of the Internet's infrastructure, and has been improved with DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions). This can be considered the "last mile," which is the connection between you and the ISP. This is where most bad things can happen like snooping, tampering or hijacked traffic that can result in stolen identities or view your direct web traffic. An excellent example of this is local hotspots like a Starbucks where you hear about someone stealing peoples information by injecting themselves in your data traffic path acting as your intended destination.   

DNSCrypt changes this process and could revolutionize Internet security by physically encrypting all DNS traffic. The code is currently open source and according to Ulevitch, "We’ve been sharing DNSCrypt with security experts over the past several weeks and the feedback has been phenomenal". The software is in its first implementation of forwarder ideas expressed in the DNSCurve community. If you'd like to try DNSCrypt you can download it at the following link - Click: Download DNSCrypt (Mac Only Currently)

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