CloudCam Data Usage

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Wednesday, 04 January 2012

CloudCam Data Usage


Since its launch, the CloudCam has taken off for a lot of users that wanted an IP camera but didn't have the network experience required to set up traditional IP cameras. CloudCams can literally be set up in under a minute (watch our setup video to see for yourself!) with your iPhone/Android or PC, and allow you to share your video feeds globally. However, smartphone users have to keep their monthly data limits in mind, so we have received a lot of questions about how much data the CloudCams use. We've conducted some tests to measure how much data your iPhone/Android or PC's use per month to give customers an idea of how much video they'll be able to watch.

The following test results assume your CloudCam is connected to a main Cable/DSL line and you're using your iPhone/Android to view the camera feed. These results are based on the standard 2GB data plan that most carriers currently offer. If you have a different size data plan you can multiply to get estimated usage. For example - If your device has 4G of data just take the hours and times it by 2 to see how many hours that will get you. This usage doesn't reflect any other web traffic like email, web browsing or video. 

CloudCam Mobile Test Results (With Sound) 2GB Plan:
  • Resolution 160x120 With Sound - 74 hours/month
  • Resolution 320x240 With Sound - 29 hours/month 
  • Resolution 640x480 With Sound - 18 hours/month

CloudCam Mobile Test Results (Without Sound) 2GB Plan: 

  • Resolution 160x120 Without Sound - 124 hours/month
  • Resolution 320x240 Without Sound - 114 hours/month
  • Resolution 640x480 Without Sound - 90 hours/month

Watch Realtime CloudCam Bandwidth Usage:

Please Note: These results were tested actively viewing a CloudCam from a remote location. Your CloudCam only consumes data when someone is viewing the video stream remotely - if you have the CloudCam connected but no remote devices are watching the video stream, you don't have to worry about data being consumed. If you plan to use this with 3G or 4G connections you can refer to "What does 3GB Get Me?", "What does 5GB Get Me?", or "What does 10GB Get Me?" for detailed data usage.


How were the results calculated?

These test results were calculated by using a Peplink Balance 3G/4G router with their bandwidth monitoring software. For our testing the CloudCam was set to 10fps (Frames per second) at various resolutions to get an accurate recording of data usage at different screen resolutions. CloudCams may use more data if positioned in a location where there is constant movement, or less if there isn't as much going on at the location. For our testing we positioned a CloudCam near a street and watched traffic go up and down the road.   

CloudCam Indoor Wireless Pan/Tilt

Changing CloudCam Settings:

There are literally hundreds of different settings users can change to affect how much bandwidth a CloudCam consumes. You can easily configure different video resolutions, bandwidth amounts, frame rate and sound to give you better video quality, or more usage throughout the month. Of course, these settings only need to be changed if you're concerned with using too much data on your iPhone/Android smartphone. If you combine a Peplink router with a CloudCam you'll be able to see exactly how much data your CloudCam(s) are using, or pick up a NetBSD Cradlepoint router to watch your monthly usage. When you order your CloudCam from 3Gstore you receive one year of free technical assistance if you have any questions about optimizing a CloudCam to save on bandwidth! Below you'll find a picture of the iPhone bandwidth and video settings:

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