Powerline Ethernet Adapter Review

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Wednesday, 08 February 2012

Powerline Ethernet Adapter Review

Do you have a large home or office environment where you can't get Ethernet connectivity? Our new Powerline Ethernet Adapter simplifies the process of getting hard wired Ethernet connectivity to hard to reach areas of your home without drilling holes in the wall! The idea is simple, place one Powerline adapter by your router, connect Ethernet to it and place the other Powerline adapter where you need Ethernet connectivity. The video below will show you exactly how easy the Powerline adapters are to setup.

Powerline Ethernet Network Adapter Video:

Aside from hardwiring network components the Powerline adapters can help you easily extend WiFi to hard to reach areas of your office or home. For example, you could combine a Powerline adapter with a Pepwave AP One Mini that offers a bridged WiFi connection. The advantage of bridging the connection is you maintain a single network throughout your office/home for file sharing and networking. This can be incredibly useful if you have some type of structure that impedes the WiFi signal from your existing router.

Popular Powerline Adapter Uses:
  • Eliminate the need for long Ethernet cables
  • Setup office in another room away from Cable/DSL modem
  • Place 3G/4G Router in an area with good signal
  • Add a network printer to another area of your home
  • Place an access point like the AP One Mini in an area with no WiFi signal
  • Run to your media center (PS3/Xbox360/Wii/DVR/Internet TV/Etc)
  • Hardwire VOIP/PBX phone
  • Extend Office Environment
  • Transfer files faster than WiFi (200Mbps) - Recommend Gigabit switch/router for optimal performance
  • Use with IP Cameras or CloudCams
  • Baby Monitors
  • Areas where you have WiFi interference issues (Microwaves/Cordless Phones/Etc)

Each kit includes two Powerline adapters, one to the router and one to the area where you want Ethernet capability. After you have an initial kit you can add more adapters if you have other areas of your home or office that require Ethernet connectivity. The only requirement is that wherever you plug the unit it must be run into the main junction box, which means you can't do building to building unless it's powered off the same breaker. With the Powerline Ethernet adapter you can easily hardwire components and never have to worry about running cable or drilling holes in the wall!

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