Preventing Comcast From Cancelling Service

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Thursday, 09 February 2012

Preventing Comcast From Cancelling Service

Everyone knows that if you go over 5GB or 10GB on your 3G/4G connection, your carrier will charge you overage charges or throttle your speeds.  Do you know that cable companies also have a monthly limit (Comcast has 250GB monthly limit)?  Go over and they can cancel your service.

So, how much monthly bandwidth does your home or office use?

Don't know the answer to that?

That is because you don't have a Peplink Balance router, see the video below to see how easy it is to monitor your bandwidth.

Besides telling you how much data your network is using by hour, day, or month, you can drill down and see which devices are using the most bandwidth.  Can come in very handy if someone is running bittorrent at work, or the kids should be doing homework but instead are streaming videos.  The bandwidth monitoring features are present in all Peplink Balance routers (starting at $299)

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