Google's New Privacy Policy Starts March 1

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Friday, 24 February 2012

Google's New Privacy Policy Starts March 1

Are you concerned with your online privacy and don't want your history to be tracked by Google? Starting on March 1, 2012 Google is bringing together 60 disparate privacy documents into one umbrella policy. As a result any service associated with your Google account will reference your web history including all your search activity and some browsing history. In fact, unless you've previously turned this feature off you'll find that you can pull your entire Google search history by logging into your Gmail account and visit -

When signed into your Google account the history logs will allow Google to give a personalized touch when viewing specific sites. Examples include location-based schedule reminders and targeted advertisements. For instance, if you spend a lot of time dealing with mobile broadband and visit YouTube, you might be taken to our 3Gstore YouTube Channel based on your previous search history. There is also a new feature that integrates Google+ data into your searches, which offers filtered search results and personalized auto complete search features.

Not everyone is going to be thrilled with having all their search history revealed because it could reveal identifying information about your location, sexual orientation, age interests, religion and health concerns. If you're concerned with Google tracking your every move just log into your Gmail account and visit Click on the "Remove all Web History" button, hit okay and confirm on the next page. This will "pause" your search history and won't actively record your searches stopping Google from keeping a record of what your searching for!

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