AT&T Announces Global SIM

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Monday, 27 February 2012

One-Stop Global Mobile Broadband Platform Within Reach for Makers of Connected and M2M Devices

AT&T Offers Device Manufacturers Single SIM Access to a Global Platform Offering Service Management, Application Development, Professional Services, and Support

Wirelessly connecting, managing, and supporting connected and M2M devices is about to hit global proportions – all through a single source, no extra effort needed.

Today at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, AT&T announced a significant addition to its global portfolio – a worldwide platform solution featuring a single SIM offering expansive global coverage. The SIM, along with a world-class service management platform, AT&T Control Center powered by Jasper Wireless, arms connected and M2M device manufacturers with the ability to manage global wireless device deployment and operations across markets with advanced diagnostic tools and smart process automation.

Today, device manufacturers across the globe are wirelessly enabling thousands of new connected and M2M device applications in myriad of industries, but their basic, global deployment needs are the same: they require broad, readily accessible wireless and mobile broadband coverage in each target market, and a wireless single SIM solution suitable for scalable deployment across the world markets.

AT&T, a premier global connected devices carrier, has enabled several of the world's largest device deployments by remaining singularly focused on expanding global wireless coverage, adding global-ready platforms and recruiting to acquire the right mix of global expertise to support multi-national enterprise customers and consumer electronics manufacturers.

"Lessons learned by market leading manufacturers suggest that a single carrier supplier with a single SIM solution is often preferred over working directly with multiple regional wireless carriers," said Glenn Lurie, president of emerging segments, AT&T. "Managing multiple relationships becomes increasingly complex and costly with each additional target market. With our single SIM dedicated exclusively to the Global M2M Offering, the benefit comes from a single solution, backed by an industry leading well managed platform. AT&T has made and will continue to make significant strategic investments with the world's finest platform providers."

"We've remained strategically important to our enterprise M2M customers due to our focus on providing the right combination of product, sales expertise, professional services, hardware and applications to support a global M2M deployment," said Chris Hill, Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business and Home Solutions. "We are committed to building the systems and business relationships required to support our customer global needs, whether that business construct is roaming, or some other business relationship."

The AT&T worldwide value proposition for device manufacturers is strong:

· Nearly 10 years of experience supporting Connected Devices product deployments

· Accomplished track record of supporting complex, multi-year deployments in a wide range of industries, including consumer products, automotive telematics, healthcare, fleet, industrial equipment, heavy equipment, and shipping

· Global wireless access allowing broad network coverage in all regions of the world, with service in more than 200 countries and access to hundreds of carriers worldwide[1]

· Proprietary single SIM solution backed by a world-class service-management platform, AT&T Control Center powered by Jasper Wireless, with powerful global diagnostic, monitoring, and alert/response capabilities proven to help automate operations and reduce the total cost associated with globally connected consumer devices and M2M deployment

· AT&T M2M Application Platform allows developers to build, integrate, and scale global M2M applications in a highly secure environment and to link devices and assets to applications using the customer's choice of communication methods (Internet, WiFi, satellite and the AT&T network)

· Mobility Solutions Services provides a range of professional services to build & deploy customized solutions for customer needs

· An M2M Center of Excellence business development team specialized in assisting customers with pulling together the right ecosystem partners to deliver the solution as they envision it

AT&T provides world-class connected and M2M device support and professional services to many of the world's largest device manufacturers and global exporters of wireless-enabled equipment. AT&T has certified and supports nearly 1,200 varieties of connected devices, with labs dedicated to bringing new devices to market, global roaming and integrated SIM provisioning, billing and reporting tools.

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