Peplink Balance Routers, Cost Effective Alternative to MPLS and Leased Lines

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Thursday, 01 March 2012

Peplink Balance Routers, Cost Effective Alternative to MPLS and Leased Lines

If your company uses multiple leased lines to provide Internet connectivity Peplink Balance Routers can help reduce your overhead costs. This is made possible by their sophisticated outbound policy management, which allows you to route traffic to specific connections for different network operations. So, if you have expensive leased lines in addition to lower priced Fiber/Cable/DSL connections, you can setup the router to only use the leased lines when absolutely necessary. In addition to the redundancy this offers, you'll also have the ability to bond multiple links together between site locations.

The Peplink/Pepwave Bonding is achieved by establishing a site-to-site VPN (up to 256 bit AES encryption) allowing you to combine multiple office links between sites. This can be incredibly useful if you have multiple office locations that don't have access to a really fast data connection. All they'd need to do is pickup multiple DSL/Cable or leased links and associate back to your main office connected to a larger data pipe. Below you'll find a quick reference to how many site-to-site VPN's the enterprise grade Peplink/Pepwave solutions handle:

Peplink/Pepwave Site-to-Site Support:

Generally speaking most users will want to deploy a Peplink Balance 380 or above at the main site location to support multiple remote sites. The Pepwave Max 700 and Max HD2 are useful for remote deployments that have very limited options on wired connectivity and need to offset this with multiple bonded 3G/4G modems. To discuss your application and what type of Peplink/Pepwave equipment is best for you contact us here - Click: Peplink/Pepwave Enterprise Solutions

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