Are There Any Mobile Broadband Options That Don't Require A Contract?

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Thursday, 01 March 2012

Mobile Broadband FAQ #15: Are There Any Mobile Broadband Options That Don't Require A Contract?

The mobile broadband experts at 3Gstore/EVDOinfo answer countless questions from our customers and from the EVDO Forums community every day - from general mobile broadband questions ("what the heck does 3G mean?") to specific questions about products to more advanced inquiries about what one can do with their mobile broadband service. The "mobile broadband FAQ" series addresses these questions in depth one FAQ at a time. To view ALL of the FAQs we've addressed in this series, visit

Are There Any Mobile Broadband Options That Don't Require A Contract?

Customers that are interested in mobile broadband, aren't always interested in the 2/yr contract that is associated with them. The following carriers will allow you to purchase a modem outright, so you don't have to worry about an expensive early termination fee. The only downside to buying a device for month to month use is a higher cost up front because you won't receive a carrier subsidy.

Option 1 - DataJack:

DataJack service is currently one of the best deals that you can find for mobile internet without a contract. The monthly service rate starts at $9.99 for the 200MB failover plan up to  $49.99/mo for 5GB, and comes with options for online account management and recurring billing. There aren't any activation fee's or cancellation charges and you can start or stop the service anytime you'd like. You can check to see if DataJack offers coverage in your area with our 3G/4G Coverage Map. You can view all DataJack modems here - Click: DataJack Modems

Option 2 - Verizon Pre-Paid:

This option through Verizon will allow you to stay away from a contract and still have access to the nations largest 3G network. We offer a variety of refurbished devices (returned under 30 day trial), which can be used with pre-paid service. These devices are the USB760, UMW190 and the MiFi 2200. Service can be purchased in 100MB ($15, lasts for 1 day), 300MB ($30, expires after 7 days), 1GB ($50, expires after 30 days) or 5GB ($80, expires after 30 days) increments.  

Option 3 - Verizon Month To Month:

This option is similar to the Verizon pre-paid option, however, the monthly service is cheaper than the pre-paid service. You have three service plan options, 5GB/mo for $59.99 on 3G only devices. Newer 3G/4G modems like the no contract UML290 offer 5GB for $50/mo or $80/mo for 10GB of data. There is a $35 activation fee for this option so if you'll be starting/stopping service a lot you might be better off with Option 2 instead. If you plan to keep service for multiple concurrent months this is a more cost efficient method than the pre-paid option is. Verizon month to month customers are required to submit a credit check in order to qualify for service.

Option 4 - AT&T Month to Month:

AT&T offers two service options for month to month service, 5GB for $50/mo or 10GB for $80/mo. There is a $35 activation fee that users must pay anytime they want to start service. We currently offer the USBConnect Lighting, USBConnect Shockwave and USBConnect Velocity on month to month service plans. In order to activate service you will need to visit an AT&T store to pickup a sim card for the modem. AT&T does require a credit check in order to qualify for their month to month data service.

Option 5 - Rental Options:

If you don't need service for a very long period you might be better off just renting a device through 3Gstore. The fee for renting a 3G or 3G/4G modem is $30/day or $175/week. If you are interested in mobile broadband rental, the first step is check coverage in the area you plan to use the service (if there is no signal in the area, the modem will not work for you). Then fill out the form at our Contact Us page; include the start and end dates of your prospective rental and note 'Rental' in the 'subject' field. We will respond with our availability and you'll be on the road with Internet access in no time!
3Gstore has been helping all kinds of customers with their mobile broadband needs for years, and we understand that different users have different needs. Many of our customers turn to mobile broadband because they need mobile internet access (or an alternative to dial-up or satellite) all the time, but we also understand that some customers only need the mobile broadband access for temporary or infrequent use. One of the five options above should help you stay connected while not locking you into a contract! 

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