Measure RSSI With AT&T Elevate 4G

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Friday, 02 March 2012

Measure RSSI With AT&T Elevate 4G


With AT&T starting to roll out 4G LTE to more cities devices more and more users are looking to boost their AT&T reception. The Elevate 4G doesn't have RSSI displayed directly on the unit and must be viewed from the admin interface (pictured above). To get into the admin interface follow the steps below.

Measure RSSI with Elevate 4G:
  1. Connect your computer to the Elevate 4G WiFi signal
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to
  3. Login to the admin interface with default password "attadmin"
  4. After logged in navigate to "Advanced" and click on the "WAN" tab
  5. Refer to top picture and document your RSRP (comparable to RSSI)

In order to determine what type of Elevate 4G antenna you need you'll need to do a site survey, unless you plan to travel. When shopping for antennas it's also very important to note exactly what type of network is available in your area to determine the correct antenna frequency. When AT&T started advertising standard 4G, this was still using HSPA/HSPA+ which still operates on the standard 800/1900Mhz cellular frequencies. However, if you see a 4G LTE signal you'll need to look specifically for a 700Mhz antenna, otherwise you won't boost the signal you want. Pictured below is a reference chart of the symbols AT&T uses to identify what type of network your connected to:



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