Verizon Wireless giving 3G users new IP address ranges

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Verizon Wireless giving 3G users new IP address ranges

(Pepwave Router showing 3G only USB727 getting a 10. IP Address)

Do you rely on a Verizon 3G modem for remote applications like DVR's, IP Camera systems or monitoring hardware? If so, you may soon find yourself having some issues accessing your devices remotely because the device is assigning an IP range that won't allow port forwarding or DynDNS to function properly. We've known about a similar issue with Verizon's new 3G/4G modems assigning a private (10.) IP address, which isn't rotatable outside the local network. Until now the (10.) address was exclusive to 3G/4G modems, however, if you refer to the picture above you'll notice a (10.) private IP on an older Verizon 3G only modem, which should be getting a rotatable (75.) IP address.

In December we wrote about 3G only devices getting a (97.) IP address, which doesn't allow port forwarding or DynDNS to function either. According to Verizon the (97.) IP range is designed for smartphones and tablets, but somehow we ended up with one on a 3G modem and so did some of our EVDOForum members. To make this even more interesting users on our forums are also reporting a (70.) IP address on their 3G modems.

In some testing with the new ARC MBR1400 3G/4G Modem Cap yesterday, we tried locking the unit into 3G only and received a (70.) IP address. We thought this was a fluke until we noticed the thread of another user reporting the same issue with their 3G modem. If your Verizon modem is getting a (70.) IP address you won't be able to do any port forwarding or DynDNS rendering any type of remote access impossible.

Verizon Wireless Known IP Range Summary:
  • Typically Verizon 3G only modems receive (75.) public IP - Allows remote access
  • (Since Launch) Verizon 3G/4G Modems receive (10.) private IP - No remote access
  • (12/29/2012) Verizon 3G users reporting (97.) IP range - No remote access
  • (3/13/2012) Verizon 3G & Cradlepoint ARC MBR1400 users report (70.) IP range - No remote access
  • (3/13/2012) Verizon 3G only modems showing (10.) private IP - No remote access

For the average user all these IP ranges won't mean anything, however, if you require remote access this could be a serious problem for you! If you have equipment deployed in the field and notice that remote access has stopped working we advise checking the IP address your modem is giving you. You'll likely find that your getting one of the addresses above that won't allow remote connectivity. The good news is if you keep unplugging and plugging the modem back in, you'll eventually get back to a public (75.) IP address. The bad news is if your offsite you won't have remote access unless you use our remote power switch to trigger a reboot sequence until you end up with a public IP. 

Let us know in the comments below what type of IP range your seeing with Verizon, or visit EVDOForums to discuss!

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