Cradlepoint WAN Affinity

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Cradlepoint WAN Affinity

Last month Cradlepoint launched their firmware build verizon 3.5 that added an exiting new feature on the MBR1400 called WAN Affinity. This feature allows users to traffic specific traffic over certain WAN connections and prioritize network traffic. The feature will be useful for customers that require specific machines to use one connection, while another connection is used for different network operations. In example, WAN Affinity would allow you to devote one 4G LTE modem for a VOIP phone system, while your workstations used the primary cable connection. Below you'll find some basic instructions on how to add a WAN affinity rule for your Cradlepoint router.

How to add WAN Affinity Rules:

1.) Access your Cradlepoint admin interface at and enter the last eight characters of the Mac address
2.) Click on "Internet" and select "WAN Affinity" from the drop down list
3.) Click Add Rule
4.) Give your rule a name; from our example we called it "Main Workstation"
5.) Select the specific product you need, or choose "any" if unsure which type you need: TCP/UDP List
6.) Enter "Source IP Range" which would be the machine that you want to define a rule for and "Source Netmask"
7.) Enter "Destination IP Address" and "Destination Netmask"
8.) If your configuring cameras, DVR's or other remote hardware add your destination port(s)
9.) Choose "WAN binding type" and indicate "is/isn't/etc" and select the connection you want the rule to apply.
10.) Click submit and the router will now reboot with the new WAN Affinity rule

From our example you can see we added a rule that says the computer using the IP Address will use USB1. You can continue to add additional rules to customize the network further. With a variety of different WAN Affinity options it will be difficult to explain each WAN Binding Type, so you may need to wait for the official WAN Affinity guide Cradlepoint will be releasing shortly. Stay tuned for updates when Cradlepoint releases official documentation on WAN Affinity!

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